It’s Not Fitness, It’s Life

*Posted by contributing writer Kara*

As a personal trainer at Equinox, fitness is my life but not in the sense that it runs my life. I used to be obsessed with working out and dieting to the point where I didn’t go out, I didn’t eat delicious food, I didn’t enjoy wine or chocolate and I wasn’t happy. We place so much pressure on ourselves to have fitness be a priority in our lives but what does fitness really mean?

One of the things I hear from a lot of my clients is that they don’t have time to workout which leads to guilt. In my opinion, guilt only hinders progress. Even with my job, there are days where I just can’t (don’t) find the time to workout, so I understand where that mentality comes from. But then I find myself sitting on my couch writing or reading or surfing the web into the late hours of the night. Wait, I thought I didn’t have time to workout? [I hate that, it happens too often, IMO :)]

Fitness doesn’t have to be your top priority every day but if you’re looking to be healthier, be leaner, be more toned, be whatever it is you want to be, fitness needs to be a priority. I don’t workout every day. In fact, I didn’t workout at all this weekend. Saturday I did laundry, I cleaned and I took part in a photo shoot for my friend Kelly who has come out with an incredible legging line called Booty By Brabants.

photo 3-38

I wanted to get stuff done that were higher on my list of priorities. I could have chosen to do a little in home workout after the shoot but I didn’t want to mess up my faux lashes that were applied for the shoot. 🙂

photo 1-43

Do I feel guilty about not working out this weekend? Nope! Granted I did walk 3 miles to get to the shoot, did a few headstands…

photo 5-20photo 1-44

and some push ups…

photo 2-46

and laughed A LOT. Does that count as fitness? Yup!

So what do you do when you feel you have no time, when you don’t put it as a priority? You either sit there and feel guilty (or not) or you get off your booty and MOVE for 1 minute. Tell yourself you’ll quit after 1 minute. Do whatever you want for that 1 minute and then stop…if you want. My guess is you’ll go one more minute. A workout doesn’t have to be an hour long affair. Just get up and move! Make movement your life.

Oh and check out Booty By Brabants for some kick ass leggings which will be on sale in December! We will have a full review on the blog soon.

 Booty By Brabants Leggings

*If you want to lift, tighten and tone your booty check out her Booty Bootcamp class full of High Intensity Boxing, dancing, and booty-inspired workouts at the George Foreman Club in Boston.