5 Ways to Get Out and Run in Cold Weather

My sisters were in town this weekend. It was so fun to have them around and get into the Christmas spirit. We got our Christmas tree, decorated it and made a Gingerbread House.

We were not that creative in our Christmas tree shopping…We crammed into my little Subaru and drove to Home Depot to get the tree. There really weren’t a ton of options, but we found a diamond in the rough.

Home Depot Christmas Tree

We decorated the tree and my sister, Julia, dressed up as Santa!

2014 Christmas Tree with Santa

Group shot!

Group Shot after Decorating the Tree

Gingerbread House and Christmas Tree

The weather has been so touch and go lately. Sometimes it’s freezing cold and other times it’s manageable. I have been staying inside a lot lately, but I finally got outside for a run on Friday and I am so glad I did. It was cold and a little slippery but so worth it. I had gotten into a bad routine of staying inside to workout, but I was determined to change it up. To be honest, the impetus to get outside was the other day at the gym, this girl came in from a tempo run outside, wearing shorts and 6 months pregnant! Granted she is an incredible runner and competed in track and road races her who life but regardless, I was like “ok if she is running outside, I can run outside!” So I did. Sometimes it just takes a little extra push and competition.

Garmin Watch 5 Mile Run

Today I went for another run outside and thoroughly enjoyed it. The biggest thing preventing me from getting outside to run was the cold weather. I hate being cold and sometimes would rather go to the gym than freeze on a run outside. Some things I do to motivate to get outside are below:

5 Ways to get out and run in cold weather

  1. Warm up at home – The hardest part about running in cold weather is the temperature and initial shock when you step outside. Before you go out for your run, spend 5 minutes doing active stretching so you get your heart rate up and your body warmed up. If you are warm before you start your run, you will stay warm for the entire run.
  2. Dress warm – Nothing can ruin a cold weather run more than being cold (go figure!) so bundle up! You never know how the wind chill or snowy weather can affect your run. I like to wear more to ensure I am warm. I can always shed layers if I have to.
  3. Do loops around your house. Because I am so worried about being cold, I always were a lot of layers. By picking a short loop near my house, I can shed layers at my apartment when I get hot and then continue running. Do figure eights around the house so you don’t get bored doing the same 1 mile loop.
  4. Sign up for a race – Being on a training program and having a plan that you need to stick to always helps motivate
  5. Just Do It – the first 5 minutes might suck, but just get out and run.

Do you run outside in the winter?

What do you do to get outside and workout in cold weather?




9 thoughts on “5 Ways to Get Out and Run in Cold Weather

  1. Hahaha I’m dying @ the fact that your sister dressed up as a Santa. It would’ve been even better if she wore the costume while out & about @ Home Depot 🙂

    1. haha! Thats such a good idea, I didn’t even think about it. I have so many hilarious videos and pictures of her. We totally should of made her go out in public!

  2. Yay for a Christmas tree! Looks like you and your sisters had a great weekend : )

    Whenever I run, I try to keep close to my house initially specifically for the purpose of shedding layers. Once I heat up, I don’t want any extra layers on me!

    1. It was a great weekend with my sisters! I love spending time with my family.
      Typically, I like to go for long runs and avoid my house because I might be tempted to stop and cut my run short, but when it’s really cold it’s nice to circle back and shed layers especially when I have really bundled up.

  3. Look at you! Looks like tons of fun getting in the Christmas spirit!! …and good for you girl! No excuses when it comes to running!! Way to be committed! 🙂

    1. Yes, this time of year it is extra hard to stay committed but I always feel better once I workout.

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