Jumping Jack Interval Workout + Snowpocalypse 2015

Yesterday was a fabulous snowy day here in Boston. It was like Christmas morning when I woke up. I was so excited to see how much snow fell and if the storm was as big as the meteorologists were saying. Well… we got a lot of snow and we were buried! My car was completely covered and everything was closed because of the snowpolocalypse. My office, restaurants, the gym – everything.

Bunker Hill Monument


Car Covered In Snow
My buried car

Snowy Day

Around lunch time Vinnie and I decided to venture outside, brave the snow and shovel out my car. It was really fun to go outside in the storm.  There were no cars on the road due to the travel ban so the streets were clear of vehicles. But, there were so many people in the streets shoveling, sledding and exploring.

I got a decent workout from shoveling and walking around in the snow, but I really wanted to get a little something else in. I put together this Jumping Jack Workout that I could do in my apartment. Jumping jacks are great because they work your entire body and get your heart rate up. I paired jumping jacks with a bunch of other plyometric exercises and toning moves to make it a 30 minute total body workout. It ended up being a great workout and I got a great workout at home on this snowy day!

Jumping Jack Interval Workout

And… since it is Wednesday I thought I would share what I ate while snowed in. I have to say working from home is hard, I kept wanting to go into the kitchen and snack. After I had my giant smoothie I was pretty full and satisfied. It was the perfect treat to tie me over.

WIAW Meals 1 28 15

Mixed Berry Smoothie
1/2 Banana
1/2 cup of frozen mixed berries
1/2 cup of frozen strawberries
1 cup of OJ
1/4 cup of plain fat free yogurt

Eggs with Whole Wheat toast

Trail Mix from the bins at Whole Foods — this is my absolute favorite thing. I can’t go to Whole Foods without getting some.

Turkey meat taco with peppers, romaine lettuce, salsa, cheddar cheese and plain yogurt

That is all for now! I NEED to go curl up on the couch and watch some Scandal. Vinnie and I are into season 3 and can’t get enough. It is so good!

How was your day? Did you have a snow day?
Were you able to fit in a workout?
What was the best thing you ate?


12 thoughts on “Jumping Jack Interval Workout + Snowpocalypse 2015

  1. Glad that you were ok (and prepared). Yeah, Boston got CLOBBERED. Luckily, you had WFM trail mix.I sometimes wish I could just take up residence in that area of the bulk department.

    1. haha! I agree, I wish I could take up residence in the bulk aisle. It’s one of my favorite places!

  2. I live on the coast of California, so I’ve never experienced anything like that (we have 70 degrees this entire week in terms of weather…) ! It must be SO much fun to have all of that snow. That smoothie looks delicious! I always add yogurt as well since it gives it such a great creaminess :). Hope you’re safe and warm!

  3. Shoveling snow sounds like an awesome workout! I can’t believe how covered the city is.
    Trail mix is the most addictive thing ever. Trader Joe’s has an awesome one with mini PB cups in it. 1/4 cup serving size? Pshh.

    1. I need to have the single servings because I will eat a whole bag of trail mix in one sitting. I love it, but it’s so bad!

  4. YIKES! So that’s what we were SUPPOSED to get in NJ? Our “blizzard” turned into about 8 inches, tops. But lemme tell you, shoveling kicks my butt…doesn’t matter how many marathons I run or how in shape I am, LOL. It’s a fantastic workout!

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