Mooo Restaurant

Yesterday was my Birthday!

Mooo Restaurant S'more Cookies

I’m not a big fan of birthdays… I am not exactly sure why but I talked to my sister about it yesterday and I decided that I think it’s because I don’t like to draw the attention to myself. I don’t like to tell everybody it’s my birthday and make them do something for me. I like for them to do it on their own and because they want to! I’m not the type of person to have a birthday month or birthday week or even really worry too much about my birthday. Regardless of all that, I did have a GREAT DAY!

My colleagues were very nice and brought me out to a lovely lunch. It was really nice to get out of the office and take a few hours with my coworkers because we NEVER get to do that.

For dinner, Vinnie and I went to this fabulous over-the-top expensive restaurant on Boston Common called Mooo. It is a steakhouse and the food was amazing. One of the main reasons I wanted to go to this restaurant is my nickname is Moo…all of my family and close friends call me Mattie Moo. All of my birthday cards, messages, texts and emails were addressed to Mattie Moo so it seemed only fitting to go to Mooo Restaurant for my birthday.
We don’t go out to fancy dinners often (or at all really) but it was really nice to splurge and spend some quality time together. I felt so fancy (cue Iggy song...) and sophisticated and successful and it was great.

Mooo Restaurant Forever Young wine

We ordered a nice bottle of wine to start called Forever Young. Again, so fitting for my birthday because I want to be forever young 🙂

Mooo Restaurant Bread

They served amazing bread slathered in butter and crystallized salt. The side of butter was covered in olive oil that was so good, I couldn’t stop dipping the bread in it!

For appetizers, I ordered the Baby Kale Salad and Vinnie got the Lobster Bisque.

The menu offers a wide variety of steaks from cuts, to mariandes, to I don’t even know what! The waiter was so helpful and walked us through the entire menu and what each cut of beef on the menu was and how it was cooked. It know, a bit extreme… but super helpful and the only reason I ordered the steak I did.  I ended up ordering this Del Terruño Ribeye that was free range, 100% grass fed from Uruguay. It was super lean and incredibly delicious. They serve it was this bone marrow butter which is amazingly flavorful and decadent.

Mooo Restaurant Birthday Dinner

Mooo Restaurant Steak Dinner

Mooo Restaurant Vinnies Dinner

Vinnie ordered the filet migon – my steak was better! 🙂 For sides we ordered the the Mooo side flight which is definetly the most affordable option for sides. It comes with Whipped Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes, Creamed Spinach, Truffled Parmesan Fries, and Brussels. Everything was so so so good

I was so full, we didn’t order dessert. But, Mooo brought us out 2 homemade mini s’more bites with a little candle and chocolate Happy Birthday! I want to try to make these at home – they were such a fun treat.

Mooo Restaurant S'more CookiesWe had a fabulous time – it was the perfect birthday celebration!

This will also be our valentines day dinner because we are going to be in VT with a bunch of friends skiing the weekend away!

How are you celebrating Valentines Day!?






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  1. I had no idea – but happy birthday! You deserve to treat yourself to a fancy dinner from time to time. Joshua and I do it maybe once or twice a year. Ive always been that person who would much rather spend my birthday at home cuddling w/ my man, a good movie, and take out.

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