Halloween 2017

I am jumping on real quick to give an update on Halloween 2017.

We celebrated in Charlestown again this year and had so much fun. There are so many young family’s and kids dressed up in costumes.

Halloween 2017
Emerson surprised me with how comfortable she was with all the Halloween madness. She quickly figure out how to trick or treat and was walking up to houses and sticking her basket out for candy. She has no idea what candy is but she loved getting things put in her pumpkin! It was so fun!

Halloween 2017

I am not a big, creative costume type gal but I love all Holiday’s especially one’s where you get to go out, have fun, celebrate and enjoy each other’s company. Next year I think we might have to have a family themed costume.

Halloween 2017

How was your Halloween? Did you dress up!?

Desk Job vs. Passion Job

I made it through my first week at my new job. Success!!

Desk Job vs. Passion Job
I have to admit, going into it, I was not very excited. I was putting it “out of sight, out of mind” and didn’t really even acknowledge I was taking on a new job. Honestly, I was not excited about just taking another job, in another office because I truly want to find a way to pursue health and fitness as my career. That is my passion. That is what I really want to be doing every day.

I listen to a million podcasts that all tell me what I should be doing…. “if you’re not doing what you love, you need to figure out what it is and do it… “work all day and then work on my dream job/passion job at night”… “if it is really my passion, I will find a way to make it my job”… “do both jobs until you get your passion job to a sustainable place.”

That is all well and good (and admirable), but do those people have a 1 year old at home, a mortgage to pay, mouths to feed? Ha! Also, in my opinion, there is something to be said about the comfort of a desk job, knowing what to expect, showing up, doing your job and then turning off and going home at night to your family/life. Clearly that reason, right there, is why I have taken this new job, why I have not dropped everything to pursue my passion. I am comfortable with a steady paycheck and the certainty of my daily schedule.

Desk Job vs. Passion Job

I also want to come home and be able to relax a little. As it is, with prepping for the next day, cleaning bottle and Tupperware, and making dinner, I barely get to sit down before 9pm anyway. Then I have to open my computer and start working on my passion job? No thank you, not right now.

Well this is not where I thought this post was going to go :). I started to write thinking I would share about my new job, the routine, the people, the actual work, but my stream of conscious clearly brought me down a different path. I will leave that other stuff for another time.

Have a great week!

Body Burn by Ray

This weekend I went to Body Burn by Ray. It was my first real group fitness class I have attended since having Emerson. I left feeling energized, excited and reminded of why I love to work out. Since having Emerson my life has changed, for the better, but it’s been hard to balance all the things that I used to love to do. For instance, fitness and working out have fallen to the wayside due to taking care of Emerson, working (you got to pay the bills) and quite frankly, simply being exhausted leaves me less motivated. But at BodyBurn I was reminded of why I love working out and why I have made it a priority in my life for so long. It’s refreshing and exciting! I hope I can take this feeling and use it to motivate me to prioritize working out either by waking up a little earlier or to squeeze in something for 20 minutes at the end of the day instead of sitting on the couch.

Body Burn by Ray

So let me tell you a little bit about Body Burn. It’s a cardio, strength workout in a Tabata type format in a club-like setting. The lights are dimmed (ie: the sub-par photos) and the music is loud which really helps allow you to focus on your workout and not compare yourself to anyone else in the class. The workout format is comparable to Orange Theory or Barry’s Boot Camp except the cardio machines are all different and the group aspect is during the strength. The class is a total of 48 minutes, there are 12 cardio machines and you use each one for twice before moving on to the next machine. In between each cardio you do a 40 second strength exercise. Every day they focus on a different body part for the strength segment. So, on Monday they might focus on abs, on Tuesday arms/upper body, Wednesday legs/lower body, etc. The workouts are planned out months in advance and are strategically designed to maximize muscle building and fat burning.

Body Burn by Ray strength

As a newbie to the class everyone was incredibly helpful and supportive they took the time to explain some of the cardio equipment before I got on it even if it meant cutting into one of their own 40 second cardio blocks. All the cardio equipment is motorless so you have to propel them forward, making the workout as hard (or as easy) as you want it to be. By far the hardest, and coolest, machine was the treadwall. Its a moving rock wall you climb! It was awkward at first but once I got the hang of it really fun!

Img 5021
Body Burn by Ray cardio machines

Ray, the owner and creator, taught the class. You can tell by his energy and attitude that he is extremely passionate and dedicated to bringing health and fitness to every body that walks through the doors. I really enjoyed the entire workout and experience and plan on going back as much as I can. They are located in Belmont which is a little tough for me to get to all the time, but the workout is worth the effort of getting there. I hope to go back soon!

Body Burn by Ray


Tufts 10k 2016

For the second year in a row I ran the Tufts 10k road race for woman. My mom, my aunt and a group of our girl friends from Vermont are making it a tradition. It’s so fun, we make it into a little girls trip, if you will. They all get a hotel room and after the race explore restaurants and around Boston. I always run, but have called it quits before the drinking and eating really gets going.

This year the weather was perfect! It actually felt a little cold and windy but once we started running it was plenty warm. Tufts 10 K 2016

The race starts at noon which is so nice ’cause you can have a relaxing morning and slowly make your way to the start.

My goal for the race was to finish. I thought if I could run around a 8:30 minute mile, and walk if it got too hard, I’d be happy.  I know that seems kind of silly but since having Emerson I really have not been able to run like I used to. I fit in some quick 3-4 mile runs, here and there, but I am not nearly in the kind of shape I typically am.

Tufts 10 K 2016

I ended up running exactly an 8 minute mile and finishing without having to walk at all. I felt good but it was super hard. I had to practice positive self talk! At mile 3, I was like, “okay, you’re half way, you can do 3 more miles!” By the end my butt and hamstrings were on fire. I pushed myself the last mile and when I crossed the finished I felt almost as fatigued as when I ran a marathon. My legs were weak and my body was exhausted.

Tufts 10 K 2016 results

Knowing I would see these two once I crossed the finish line motivated me to keep going! I mean, seriously, does it get any better than that. {maybe next year I will run with Emerson in the stroller…}

Tufts 10k

On a similar note, I was so proud of my mom today. She ran the race and finished in 1:04 averaging a 10:20 minute mile. Up until the last minute she was debating whether she should run or walk. Earlier in the summer she set out to run the race and started on a make-shift training program but then I asked her to help watch Emerson when I went back to work and totally cut into any free time she may have had to train (and she hurt her hammy too). Feeling unprepared to run, she was going to walk with my aunt. Luckily we convinced her just to try and run… see how far you can go, and then walk. Well, she ran the whole thing and finished with an amazing time!

Tufts 10k
Mom and me at the finish with our #1 cheerleader, Emerson!

Another woman in our group finished 2nd in her age group! She makes me want to train for the race next year!

And everyone else had a great time, including me. It was my first race back and it felt great to be back out pounding the pavement with so many others.

Tufts 10k - the Vermont crew

This race is so inspiring! There are so many incredible women out on the course sweating together, sharing memories together and working hard together. I look forward to doing it again next year!



Fit For Fall

Today kicks off the Tone It Up Fit for Fall challenge. It is weekly workouts motivational tips and a great community of people to support you as you eat right and get healthy. I’m signed up! Is anybody else doing it?

This Fall, they are doing a Charity Challenge where you run 100 (or 150 miles) by the end of the Fall. By logging your miles through the Charity Miles app, companies and organizations make a donation to a charity of your choose. It is really cool! I have already run 20 miles towards my goal.

This weekend I went for a nice run along the Charles River. It felt so good, I felt like I could of run forever. I haven’t felt that way in a long time.

Sunday Runday

Vinnie came and met me while I was running and biked with me until the end! Sunday Runday

This weekend went by super quick but it was super fun. On Sunday, I taught a community yoga class at the Core Power studio. It is a free class that we they put on for us as new teachers to practice teachers. I taught a section of the sequence we are learning and it was super exhilarating, nerve-racking, and fulfilling. I practiced all week to memorize my cues in the sequence to make sure that I would do a great job. And once I got up there in front of the students I forgot everything. I definitely made mistakes, mistakes that were silly and I know better but I lost track of where I was and would engage breath the wrong way. But it was still really fun. I was a little disappointed because I worked so hard in practice and I thought I would do a better job but I’ve made some great progress from where I was.

Sunday Football Patriots

After class I rushed to my grandparents house to watch the last couple minutes of the patriots game. Next weekend is my last weekend of having yoga commitments so I’m excited to really be able to watch the games with them. I’m really sad to have yoga training ends. I need to figure out what I want to do next.

Lunch on the roof
Weekend lunch on the roof!

I am still working on the first phase of the Elimination Diet. I have been pretty good but had a few cheat days where I had gluten or diary. I think a lot of the food is out of my system, but I want to give it one more week of me being really really good and then I will start to add each food group back in, one at a time.

What are some highlights from your weekend? Any good runs, yoga, football…?

Glow Yoga Sculpt

The CorePower Yoga (CPY) studio always puts on super fun events and I always miss them because I have family in town or I’m traveling or I have another commitment. But last night, I was determined to make it to Yoga Sculpt Glow class, even though the Patriots were playing. It was a special class set to 90s music and everyone was wearing neon clothes, glow sticks and had glow paint on.


The predicament was that class was at 7:30pm and kick off for the Pats was around 8:30pm. Vinnie really wanted to go and watch the Pats game at my grandparents house, per our football tradition. Soooo I convinced Vinnie to come with me to Sculpt Class so that we could leave from there and go directly to my grandparents. He is such a trooper!! Sculpt classes at CPY are NOT your typical yoga class. They are a total body workout designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group. Free weights and strength training exercises are incorporated into the yoga sequence and the room temperature is set to 95 degrees. Vinnie and I were sweating like crazy! The class was super fun and a great workout before heading out to watch football all night.


After class, we chatted with all the other fun yogi’s and then zipped up to my grandparents house to eat lots of popcorn and watch the game. Football is an incredibly special sport and time for my family. Throughout all the games, I am group texting with my parents and siblings, I try to watch as many games as possible with my grandparents and we are the BIGGEST PATS fans everrrrr.

This picture of my sister, Lily, shows how my whole family feels about the Pats… no matter what other people around us may think!


I am so glad I fit in the class and we got to see most of the game!

I LOVE snapchat… so if you have it… follow me @mfordo4… I will follow you back!

We have a busiest few days going to a bike ride and a wedding in northern VT. Have a great weekend!

Talk to me:

What are your weekend plans?

Are you a Football fan? Whose your team?

Have you ever done a fun themed yoga class?

September 1 and I am Back

I hope that everyone has had an incredible summer. I can not believe it is already September. With a new month, comes new goals and I really want to get back into blogging and writing. To start, I wanted to share pictures from my summer. It has been a whirlwind but it is all so worth it! 

Summer nights on the roof deck.Sunset On The Roof Deck

IMG 0834 PNG

I have been doing lots of traveling for work. But, that means I get to run my favorite loop around the reservoir in Central Park! Running Around Central Park

Traveling means lots of eating out at restaurants, in airports or on trains. I try hard to eat well but it’s not always easy. The below breakfast was a gold star and super good. Maple Hill Creamery yogurt which is organic and made strictly from grass-fed cows (you can absolutely taste the difference), topped with Purely Elizabeth granola and Dang Coconut Chips which are like candy. This organic combo was a win and worth repeating, over and over again. Healthy Snacks When Traveling

We have not gotten to the beach or Vermont as much as we would like because I have been busy getting my Yoga Teaching Certificate. I had class every weekend… but it was SO worth it. And, it made us really enjoy the time we did get to spend outside enjoying the beautiful New England weather.

Summer Days At The Beach

Walking In Vermont

Delicious Vermont farm-to-table dinners!

Farm To Table Food

IMG 0838 JPG

Long Days on the lake enjoying the sunshine and playing on our SUP boards.

Drinking On The Boat

SUP On Lake RescueBeach BoardwalksViews Of The Bunker Hill Monument

IMG 1033 JPG

IMG 1095 JPG

As I mentioned, I have spend most of my summer in the CorePower Yoga studio working to receive my 200hour Yoga Teacher Certification. It has consumed most of our weekends but it was so worth it. I enjoyed every second and now I am officially a YOGA TEACHER!

Core Power Yoga Medford

Yoga Certification

IMG 1109 JPG

Vinnie has been so supportive and incredibly patient with me all summer as I have juggled all the crazy things I get myself into!

IMG 0860 JPG

Now that yoga is wrapping up. I have taken a bit of a break this summer and focused on yoga but it is time to step up my running game. If for no other reason than the number on the scale has crept up and it needs to go back down! 7 Mile Run

I have not been doing a lot of cooking or baking, but I attempted this Zucchini Bread (and made muffins too). I left out the nuts and raisins and it still turned out ok!Zucchini Muffins And Bread

The first sign of fall. It is sad but I do love wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, looking at the foliage and eating apples and pumpkin all day, every day!

First Signs Of Fall

How has your summer been!?

Spring has Sprung

This past weekend we finally saw the first signs of Spring here in Boston.  Sunday was incredibly nice!! I went for a run and could not stop taking pictures, smiling and enjoying  the spring air. I ended up running an extra 3.5 miles because I was having so much fun!

The Charles River was full of  sail boats, the park was full of kids playing soccer and the walking path had rows of people walking, running and biking.

All this nice weather makes me excited to get outside and energized to exercise. I have been looking for that extra push to get in shape and work out. The nice weather is helping and I plan riding this wave as long as I can!

IMG 0588 JPG

IMG 0596 JPG
yoga under the blooming tree!

IMG 0592 JPG IMG 0591 JPG

IMG 0606 0 JPG

Strawberry Banana Coconut Smoothie

This smoothie was so good and so easy to make. I may of had two!

Coconut Strawberry Banana Smoothie

1 cup of strawberries

1 banana

1 scoop protein powder

1/2 cup unsweetened coconut almond milk
1 cup of water

Put in your blender and mix until it is all blended together and smooth.

view of the Zakim Bridge
Beautiful view of the Zakim Bridge


4 Things to do under $25 in Boston

Today, I am writing a guest post over on Stacie’s blog, Simply Southern Stacie. While Stacie is traveling she asked me to write a post. Since she is actually visiting Boston, I thought it would be would be fun to share 4 things to do in under $25 in Boston during the cold winter months.

Boston Views

Please click over to Stacie’s blog and read my guest post!

The Club by George Foreman III

The Club by George Forreman III

On a whim, I signed up for ClassPass, and I have to confess…I am obsessed. No seriously, it is the greatest thing ever. I was in such a rut with working out and exercising and joining ClassPass has totally kicked me into motion shape. I am supposed to be training for a half marathon which is in two weeks, but I am not doing a great job so taking classes is how I am getting into shape for the race. I still do long runs on the weekends but the shorter distance during the week… not so much.

I had a presentation for work on Monday so I didn’t get my morning workout in. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as well as I would of hoped. [I  don’t talk too much about my real world job but for all that are wondering, I work at Sperry and manage the apparel and accessories which is a new initiative for us to expand beyond boat shoes.] Anyway, I was presenting the new Fall 15 apparel line and we had a few models do a mini fashion show to show the collection, but they sent them WAY too early and I was completely caught off guard. I managed to stay focused, but didn’t talk about everything I wanted to and the whole thing was way shorter than I would of liked. I hope that I am being hard on myself and the audience didn’t notice how bad it really was!

Anyway, after work I went to The Club by George Foreman III. I took a 30 minute Bags + Body class which is where you are in front of a boxing bag and jabs, upper cut and punch the boxing bag. There is a mix of push ups, burpees, abs and fast feet as well.  I loved it, it was such a great way to work out my frustration with how my presentation had gone. The whole gym was popping with energy and everyone was super excited to be there, really friendly and working hard. The layout is really open so you can see all the classes going on while you do your thing!

The Club by George Forreman III

I loved The Club so much that I went back for a 6am class on Thursday morning to take the signature class, Box Fiit 360, that George himself teaches!  Box Fiit’s a total body, circuit interval workout where you do a range of moves from boxing to Kettlebell swings, to rowing to rope exercises. There are12 stations and you do each one for 2 minute rounds for a 36 minute circuit.  The workouts change weekly so you never know what you are going to get!

I have one more class at the Club before my pass renews for the  next month so I need to pick wisely! I have also taken Flywheel and CorePower Yoga Sculpt which were also amazing, but for this is already getting long so I will keep those for another post!

Have you ever tried a boxing work out?