A Bike Ride and A Wedding

This weekend was a whirlwind! And, I wouldn’t change it one bit.

Friday Vinnie and I packed up the car and drove to Burlington, VT and spend the afternoon walking around and enjoying the beautiful views. I LOVE it up there. The scenery is incredible, there are so many great options for food and drink and the people are so care-free and love being outside. IMG 1632

Farmhouse Tap & Grill
We went to a restaurant called Farmhouse Tab & Grill for a drink. It was so fun, they had a cute outside beer garden in the back of the place.
Farmhouse Tap & Cider
I ordered the Urban Farm Fermentory Amalgam which is a Kombucha like Cider – it was so good! Not too sweet, which is key!

burlington, vt

On Saturday we woke up super early to go ride in the Kelly Brush Foundation Annual Bike Ride. This was the 10th Annual ride and they had an incredible turn out. Vinnie and I rode with my mom and my friend, Annie. We biked 50 miles together! It took us just under 4 hours with lots of stops to snack and drink water.

About to head out and ride 50 miles!
Kelly Brush herself riding hard up the final hill!
IMG 1665
Kelly Brush making the final climb to the finish. She rode 25 miles!
you know you are in Vermont when….
I love red barns. Next year I am going to count how many I see! The views are incredible.

10th Annual Kelly Brush Ride

After the ride, Vinnie and I hopped in the car and headed 2 hours northeast to celebrate my friend Kristin’s wedding. It was a blast. Kristin looked beautiful and she was beaming, her now husband was smiling the whole time, the venue was amazing and everyone fully enjoyed themselves. They put selfie sticks on all the tables and had props to take pictures with. We took full advantage of it! My favorite picture is the selfie of me and Vinnie with the bride and groom in the background!

A selfie with the bride and groom photo bombing!

It was a great weekend! Lots of friends, celebration and good times!

How was your weekend?

Mooo Restaurant

Yesterday was my Birthday!

Mooo Restaurant S'more Cookies

I’m not a big fan of birthdays… I am not exactly sure why but I talked to my sister about it yesterday and I decided that I think it’s because I don’t like to draw the attention to myself. I don’t like to tell everybody it’s my birthday and make them do something for me. I like for them to do it on their own and because they want to! I’m not the type of person to have a birthday month or birthday week or even really worry too much about my birthday. Regardless of all that, I did have a GREAT DAY!

My colleagues were very nice and brought me out to a lovely lunch. It was really nice to get out of the office and take a few hours with my coworkers because we NEVER get to do that.

For dinner, Vinnie and I went to this fabulous over-the-top expensive restaurant on Boston Common called Mooo. It is a steakhouse and the food was amazing. One of the main reasons I wanted to go to this restaurant is my nickname is Moo…all of my family and close friends call me Mattie Moo. All of my birthday cards, messages, texts and emails were addressed to Mattie Moo so it seemed only fitting to go to Mooo Restaurant for my birthday.
We don’t go out to fancy dinners often (or at all really) but it was really nice to splurge and spend some quality time together. I felt so fancy (cue Iggy song...) and sophisticated and successful and it was great.

Mooo Restaurant Forever Young wine

We ordered a nice bottle of wine to start called Forever Young. Again, so fitting for my birthday because I want to be forever young 🙂

Mooo Restaurant Bread

They served amazing bread slathered in butter and crystallized salt. The side of butter was covered in olive oil that was so good, I couldn’t stop dipping the bread in it!

For appetizers, I ordered the Baby Kale Salad and Vinnie got the Lobster Bisque.

The menu offers a wide variety of steaks from cuts, to mariandes, to I don’t even know what! The waiter was so helpful and walked us through the entire menu and what each cut of beef on the menu was and how it was cooked. It know, a bit extreme… but super helpful and the only reason I ordered the steak I did.  I ended up ordering this Del Terruño Ribeye that was free range, 100% grass fed from Uruguay. It was super lean and incredibly delicious. They serve it was this bone marrow butter which is amazingly flavorful and decadent.

Mooo Restaurant Birthday Dinner

Mooo Restaurant Steak Dinner

Mooo Restaurant Vinnies Dinner

Vinnie ordered the filet migon – my steak was better! 🙂 For sides we ordered the the Mooo side flight which is definetly the most affordable option for sides. It comes with Whipped Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes, Creamed Spinach, Truffled Parmesan Fries, and Brussels. Everything was so so so good

I was so full, we didn’t order dessert. But, Mooo brought us out 2 homemade mini s’more bites with a little candle and chocolate Happy Birthday! I want to try to make these at home – they were such a fun treat.

Mooo Restaurant S'more CookiesWe had a fabulous time – it was the perfect birthday celebration!

This will also be our valentines day dinner because we are going to be in VT with a bunch of friends skiing the weekend away!

How are you celebrating Valentines Day!?






Another Boston Snow Storm

As I am sure most of you are aware, Boston is getting hit with another giant snow storm as we speak. It started early Sunday morning and should continue to snow through Monday night. I know a lot of people hate all this snow, and I have to admit, it is a bit annoying, but in general, I really enjoy it. There are so many fun things to do in the snow and I love snow days cuddled up on the couch, drinking hot coco and relaxing in front of the fire.

Snowy Day

Because of all the snow, Vinnie and I had a pretty mellow weekend. I have been slacking a bit getting all my runs in for my half marathon especially with all the snow so I was concerned about not fitting in my long runs but I manage to run both days!


On Saturday we made it out of the house around 11am to pick up groceries for the week and run some errands. I amvdetermined to have healthy food in house and make smart snack and meal decisions this week. We did a big food haul at Trader Joe’s full of veggies, lean meat and lots of fruit.

Trader Joe's Grocery Shop

After our shop we rushed up to Melrose because there was an open house we wanted to check out. I know, kinda random, but we are always on the look out for a home and when something pops up we try to go see it because you never know! And, this house was so cute, in a great location and really affordable. We are considering placing an offer… we are on the fence because we love living in Charlestown… just sick of renting.

After the open house we walked around Main St of Melrose which is super quaint with tons of shops and restaurants. We stopped into Stearns & Hills Bistro for a late lunch and it was delicious.

By the time we got home it was late afternoon. I needed to sweat and clear my mind, so I rushed to the YMCA. I was planning on doing something light and easy but I jumped on the treadmill and ended up running for 60 min. It was a slow pace, but it felt good. I watched Kids Baking Championship on Food Network the whole time. Have you seen it?! It’s pretty funny and they are good cooks!

Saturday Workout Closed Down The Gym
Empty Gym!

After my treadmill run, I did 15 minutes of toning exercises before  they kicked me out because they were closing. I shut down the gym on a Saturday night! #sweetlife #fitgirlproblems


Sunday was a day full of meal prepping and running. I had 12 miles on the training plan and the thought of doing it on the treadmill was terrible so I bundled up and ran 12 long snowy miles outside in the snow storm. It wasn’t easy, but I had a lot more fun than if I was inside going nowhere on the treadmill! I will write more about my decision to run outside in a snow storm tomorrow so check back.

Sides During Snow Storm

After my run,  I was exhausted so I took a few hours to recoup but I eventually got off the couch and did a ton of meal prep for the week. I honestly think I have too much food!Meal Prep2

I made BBQ pulled chicken and cole slaw to go with it, homemade hummus and sliced veggies, quinoa, protein pancakes, a loaded veggie egg bake, tofu and sliced strawberries. This doesn’t include all the other food I have in my fridge that doesn’t need slicing, dicing and cooking like carrots, apples, grapefruit, lettuce, kale, etc.

Andddd I didn’t even watch the Grammys. Vinnie wouldn’t watch the red carpet and by the time the show came on, I had completely forgotten about it! Were they good? I need to go and check out all the glamorous dressing and watch all the performances on youtube.

I am going to link up with Katie for Marvelous Monday and Biana for Weekending. Share the best part of your weekend… did you do anything marvelous!?




Grasshopper Cafe

I have been on the go lately. Sorry for being a bit M.I.A. From the Super Bowl on Sunday and the Pats winning (Yaaa!) to traveling to NYC for work the last 3 days, I have not had a minute to sit at my computer and write. This post was supposed to go up a few days ago, but I never finished it so today is the day! [Sorry I am talking about last weekend, when this weekend is right around the corner]

Julia at the Bunker Hill Monument

My sister, Julia, was in town for a hot minute this past weekend. She has been competing over in Europe for the month of January and she flew in late Friday night for the weekend and jetted off to Colorado Monday morning. While she was home we made sure to get the greasiest, best comfort food possible since she has been eating wienerschnitzel, steak and potatoes. While I am not a huge fan of eating this type of food, I have a hard time saying no and when everyone else is eating it, I feel like I have no other choice.

Friday night, on the way home from the airport, we stopped at Five Guys.

Five Guys

Saturday morning, we went to the Grasshopper Cafe for a diner breakfast. I have been eyeing this place for a while, but have ever actually gone. There are a lot of coffee shops and cafe’s around us but this is the only diner. Going to diners reminds me of being up in VT or NH with my relatives. The Grasshopper Cafe was a great diner and we will definitely go back. Our waitress was awesome and so friendly, the food was really good and the atmosphere was inviting and warm. It was a little pricey but I feel like that is the going rate for diner food in the city.

Egg Breakfast

Veggie Omlet With Sauteed Spinach Home Fries
Veggie Omlet With Sauteed Spinach Home Fries

Julia and I split the veggie omlet with goat cheese and sauteed spinach and the blueberry coffee cake french toast. The french toast was really good, but it was super sweet and sugary. I preferred the omlet which was perfectly cooked and loaded with lots of veggies. The honey butter was an added bonus for the delicious fresh toast.

Satruday night, my parents came down to visit and see Julia before she flies out again. We were kinda sick of going out to eat so we made a hearty shepard’s pie with cesear salad for dinner. It was really good and nice to eat at home and spend time sitting around the dining room table. We don’t do this enough!

Family Dinner

The meal was so easy to make and it was super good. For the salad I chopped up a few romaine lettuce heads, added some parmason cheese and croutons. Typically I try to make my own salad dressing but I wasn’t feeling it so I bought OPA by Litehouse Cesear dressing and it was fabulous. It is made with Greek yogurt and only 50 cal per serving which is a huge bonus because cesear salad dressing is usually very high in calories.

Family Dinner Cesear Salad And Shepards Pit


The Shepard’s pie was a breeze to make too. It is so simple – my secret trick is adding beef stock to the browned turkey meat. It adds a lot of flavor and seasoning to the meat!

My Plate Of Dinner Cesear And Shepards Pie
My Plate Of Food – Cesear Sald And Shepards Pie

It was a fun few days of eating lots of comfort food! Now, I really need to get on track. With all the snow and crazy weather in Boston, it’s been super hard to get outside and workout. I have been relying on the gym and treadmill a lot and that can get boring and old fast.

Have you had any hearty comfort food lately? A YOLO meal, if you will!