Body Burn by Ray

This weekend I went to Body Burn by Ray. It was my first real group fitness class I have attended since having Emerson. I left feeling energized, excited and reminded of why I love to work out. Since having Emerson my life has changed, for the better, but it’s been hard to balance all the things that I used to love to do. For instance, fitness and working out have fallen to the wayside due to taking care of Emerson, working (you got to pay the bills) and quite frankly, simply being exhausted leaves me less motivated. But at BodyBurn I was reminded of why I love working out and why I have made it a priority in my life for so long. It’s refreshing and exciting! I hope I can take this feeling and use it to motivate me to prioritize working out either by waking up a little earlier or to squeeze in something for 20 minutes at the end of the day instead of sitting on the couch.

Body Burn by Ray

So let me tell you a little bit about Body Burn. It’s a cardio, strength workout in a Tabata type format in a club-like setting. The lights are dimmed (ie: the sub-par photos) and the music is loud which really helps allow you to focus on your workout and not compare yourself to anyone else in the class. The workout format is comparable to Orange Theory or Barry’s Boot Camp except the cardio machines are all different and the group aspect is during the strength. The class is a total of 48 minutes, there are 12 cardio machines and you use each one for twice before moving on to the next machine. In between each cardio you do a 40 second strength exercise. Every day they focus on a different body part for the strength segment. So, on Monday they might focus on abs, on Tuesday arms/upper body, Wednesday legs/lower body, etc. The workouts are planned out months in advance and are strategically designed to maximize muscle building and fat burning.

Body Burn by Ray strength

As a newbie to the class everyone was incredibly helpful and supportive they took the time to explain some of the cardio equipment before I got on it even if it meant cutting into one of their own 40 second cardio blocks. All the cardio equipment is motorless so you have to propel them forward, making the workout as hard (or as easy) as you want it to be. By far the hardest, and coolest, machine was the treadwall. Its a moving rock wall you climb! It was awkward at first but once I got the hang of it really fun!

Img 5021
Body Burn by Ray cardio machines

Ray, the owner and creator, taught the class. You can tell by his energy and attitude that he is extremely passionate and dedicated to bringing health and fitness to every body that walks through the doors. I really enjoyed the entire workout and experience and plan on going back as much as I can. They are located in Belmont which is a little tough for me to get to all the time, but the workout is worth the effort of getting there. I hope to go back soon!

Body Burn by Ray


New Bedford Half Marathon

I ran the New Bedford Half Marathon this weekend.

New Bedford Half Marathon BibI have to admit I did not do the training plan that I had intended but I felt as if I had signed up so I had to do it. I also didn’t have the best couple days leading up to the race but that’s neither here or there because I did it and survived!

The Saturday before the race I was skiing all day and up late at a friends 30th birthday party so Sunday morning called for a lot of pre-race energy snacks and nutrition. I ate the Luna Bar and the Vega hydration mixture on my drive to the race, had the Clif gel shot right before the start and snacked on the Shot Bloks through out the entire race.  It worked! My energy was strong the entire race.

Pre Race Food

The race started at 11 AM which was awesome and makes for kind of a normal morning. You don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn in order to get there. I was able to have a relaxing morning and get some sleep.

New Bedford Half Marathon Start

The race started promptly at 11 AM everyone was lined up and ready to go! The first 2 miles are pretty flat as you’re working your way out of the city.

At Miles 2 – 4, there are a few hilly rolls with one last big climb as you approach mile marker 4.

Miles 4 – 7 are pretty much all downhill as you weave through the neighborhoods.

new Bedford Half Marathon Course New Bedford Half Marathon Course

Mile 7 – 12 are very flat and beautiful as you run along the water. We were fortunate enough to have an amazing tailwind for miles 7 – 10 but at mile 10 we turned to head back towards the city and hit a serious headwind. And pretty much for the next 3 miles we battled with the wind to the finish.

At mile 12 there is one last climb to the finish. It’s about 100 feet of an elevation change but it’s the end of the race and you’re feeling pretty tired so this was a bit of a struggle. Someone told me before the race that once you see KFC you’re in the homestretch to the finish and she was absolutely right. Once you get to the top of the hill there’s a stretch of a few fast food restaurants and KFC’s right on the corner before you turn right and head downhill for the last 1/4 mile into the finish. I was so excited to see the finish line. I felt strong the whole time but the wind and final hill really hurt me and I was ready to be done.

New Bedford Half Marathon Results

I ended up running a 1:38:01 which I was siked about. My goal was to get under 1:40. My average pace was 7:29 which was perfect! I tend to run my training runs at 7:45 min/miles so to race at a 7:29 pace meant I was pushing myself.

Overall, I was really happy with my race especially for how little I trained and how unprepared I felt. It was my first time doing a half marathon (although I have done 3 marathons…) and I really liked this distance. I felt like I could really work hard for that amount of time and not have to pace myself so much like I do for marathon. However, when I crossed the finish line I felt just as sore as I do after a marathon. My hamstrings and my hip flexors were super tight and I was exhausted!

Good thing we had clam chowder, fish sandwiches and banana’s to consume for a post-race meal! I ate it ALL…

I was at the race alone so I didn’t hang around too long afterwards. I was sore, tired and felt a bit like a loner so I wanted to get home and on the couch. I relaxed and lounged hte rest of the afternoon. Around 5pm I was starving and way too lazy to cook anything so I hobbled over to Whole Foods hot bar and grabbed some dinner. I brought it home and ate with my medal and bib! 🙂

New Bedford Half Marathon Dinner

The New Bedford Half Marathon was a great race and very well organized. I really enjoyed entire experience! It has made me want to sign up for more half marathons races. There is something really fun about race day and the thrill of the competition that you just don’t get on a regular ol’ run!


The Club by George Foreman III

The Club by George Forreman III

On a whim, I signed up for ClassPass, and I have to confess…I am obsessed. No seriously, it is the greatest thing ever. I was in such a rut with working out and exercising and joining ClassPass has totally kicked me into motion shape. I am supposed to be training for a half marathon which is in two weeks, but I am not doing a great job so taking classes is how I am getting into shape for the race. I still do long runs on the weekends but the shorter distance during the week… not so much.

I had a presentation for work on Monday so I didn’t get my morning workout in. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as well as I would of hoped. [I  don’t talk too much about my real world job but for all that are wondering, I work at Sperry and manage the apparel and accessories which is a new initiative for us to expand beyond boat shoes.] Anyway, I was presenting the new Fall 15 apparel line and we had a few models do a mini fashion show to show the collection, but they sent them WAY too early and I was completely caught off guard. I managed to stay focused, but didn’t talk about everything I wanted to and the whole thing was way shorter than I would of liked. I hope that I am being hard on myself and the audience didn’t notice how bad it really was!

Anyway, after work I went to The Club by George Foreman III. I took a 30 minute Bags + Body class which is where you are in front of a boxing bag and jabs, upper cut and punch the boxing bag. There is a mix of push ups, burpees, abs and fast feet as well.  I loved it, it was such a great way to work out my frustration with how my presentation had gone. The whole gym was popping with energy and everyone was super excited to be there, really friendly and working hard. The layout is really open so you can see all the classes going on while you do your thing!

The Club by George Forreman III

I loved The Club so much that I went back for a 6am class on Thursday morning to take the signature class, Box Fiit 360, that George himself teaches!  Box Fiit’s a total body, circuit interval workout where you do a range of moves from boxing to Kettlebell swings, to rowing to rope exercises. There are12 stations and you do each one for 2 minute rounds for a 36 minute circuit.  The workouts change weekly so you never know what you are going to get!

I have one more class at the Club before my pass renews for the  next month so I need to pick wisely! I have also taken Flywheel and CorePower Yoga Sculpt which were also amazing, but for this is already getting long so I will keep those for another post!

Have you ever tried a boxing work out?

Grasshopper Cafe

I have been on the go lately. Sorry for being a bit M.I.A. From the Super Bowl on Sunday and the Pats winning (Yaaa!) to traveling to NYC for work the last 3 days, I have not had a minute to sit at my computer and write. This post was supposed to go up a few days ago, but I never finished it so today is the day! [Sorry I am talking about last weekend, when this weekend is right around the corner]

Julia at the Bunker Hill Monument

My sister, Julia, was in town for a hot minute this past weekend. She has been competing over in Europe for the month of January and she flew in late Friday night for the weekend and jetted off to Colorado Monday morning. While she was home we made sure to get the greasiest, best comfort food possible since she has been eating wienerschnitzel, steak and potatoes. While I am not a huge fan of eating this type of food, I have a hard time saying no and when everyone else is eating it, I feel like I have no other choice.

Friday night, on the way home from the airport, we stopped at Five Guys.

Five Guys

Saturday morning, we went to the Grasshopper Cafe for a diner breakfast. I have been eyeing this place for a while, but have ever actually gone. There are a lot of coffee shops and cafe’s around us but this is the only diner. Going to diners reminds me of being up in VT or NH with my relatives. The Grasshopper Cafe was a great diner and we will definitely go back. Our waitress was awesome and so friendly, the food was really good and the atmosphere was inviting and warm. It was a little pricey but I feel like that is the going rate for diner food in the city.

Egg Breakfast

Veggie Omlet With Sauteed Spinach Home Fries
Veggie Omlet With Sauteed Spinach Home Fries

Julia and I split the veggie omlet with goat cheese and sauteed spinach and the blueberry coffee cake french toast. The french toast was really good, but it was super sweet and sugary. I preferred the omlet which was perfectly cooked and loaded with lots of veggies. The honey butter was an added bonus for the delicious fresh toast.

Satruday night, my parents came down to visit and see Julia before she flies out again. We were kinda sick of going out to eat so we made a hearty shepard’s pie with cesear salad for dinner. It was really good and nice to eat at home and spend time sitting around the dining room table. We don’t do this enough!

Family Dinner

The meal was so easy to make and it was super good. For the salad I chopped up a few romaine lettuce heads, added some parmason cheese and croutons. Typically I try to make my own salad dressing but I wasn’t feeling it so I bought OPA by Litehouse Cesear dressing and it was fabulous. It is made with Greek yogurt and only 50 cal per serving which is a huge bonus because cesear salad dressing is usually very high in calories.

Family Dinner Cesear Salad And Shepards Pit


The Shepard’s pie was a breeze to make too. It is so simple – my secret trick is adding beef stock to the browned turkey meat. It adds a lot of flavor and seasoning to the meat!

My Plate Of Dinner Cesear And Shepards Pie
My Plate Of Food – Cesear Sald And Shepards Pie

It was a fun few days of eating lots of comfort food! Now, I really need to get on track. With all the snow and crazy weather in Boston, it’s been super hard to get outside and workout. I have been relying on the gym and treadmill a lot and that can get boring and old fast.

Have you had any hearty comfort food lately? A YOLO meal, if you will!

Brownie Bars

This January has been a complete whirlwind. I honestly can say that I have not done a very good job of sticking to my resolutions or planning and preparing for the weeks ahead. Vinnie and I have been traveling, I’ve been putting in long hours at work, we’ve had birthday parties and weekends away. Needless to say, I have not stocked the fridge with healthy snacks and nutritious treats in far too long. However, we do have Special K Brownie Bars which have been our go-to treat and after dinner dessert.

Special K Brownie Bars

Recently, for dinner, we made a stir-fry out of frozen ingredients we had in the freezer. It was actually pretty good, but after dinner we both wanted a little something else. Vinnie was craving something sweet and bugging me to walk to Whole Foods and pick up some ice cream. As much as I love ice cream, I knew it was not the best choice to eat right before bed so I suggested that he try one of my Special K Brownie Bars that I had in the cupboard.  After a little convincing he tried the Divine Fudge Brownie and ended up eating TWO! He said, and I quote, “these are actually really good.”  I was like, “I know that’s why I told you to have one! :)”

The best part about the Special K Brownie Bars is that they are sweet and chocolatey and totally satisfy any sugar craving you may have and they’re only 80 cal. They’re the perfect treat to reach for when the night-time sugar cravings hit and snack attacks come on. For a girl on the go, like I am these days, the brownie bars have been an excellent treat to satisfy my sugar cravings late at night. And now I have Vinnie on board as well. Wife tested, husband approved!

Have you tried the Special K Brownie Bars?
What is your go-to snack when a chocolate craving hits?

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Special K. I was compensated for my time but, as always, my thoughts and opinions are my own.

Special K Chewy Bars

I am not sure if you know this about me but I am constantly on the go. I get up early to work out, eat every meal except dinner at the office, I travel endlessly for work and play, and I am always snacking. At all times, I have snacks on me in case for when I get hungry. My go-to snacks are easy to carry and no hassle to eat such as granola or protein bars, mixed nuts, fruit, gum, carrots or (dare I say it) cookies and treats.

The best thing about these type of snacks is you can also have them as a compliment to any meal. You can have mixed nuts or carrots on top of your salad, fruit or cookies as a treat after lunch and granola bars can be mixed into your oatmeal or yogurt which is exactly what I have been doing all week with Special K Chewy Bars. I have been eating them on the regular as a snack and compliment to my breakfast.

The Special K Chewy Bars are made with wholesome ingredients that you can see like rich chocolate chunks, crunchy salted pretzels (so good!) and real fruit pieces. They are light and satisfying and the variety of flavors allow for options depending on your mood and cravings. The 4 new flavors are berry medley, blueberry bliss, salted caramel chocolate and salted pretzel chocolate. Personally, I like the fruity bars in the morning and the more decedent chocolate bars in the afternoon.


I liked the Berry Medley bar so much I used it as the granola topping on my yogurt. By combining the bar with a banana and yogurt I got a serving of fruit and added protein to my breakfast. I try to incorporate protein into every breakfast because it makes you feel full and remain full for a longer period of time and it helps the body build and repair tissues for muscle recovery and growth. This parfait combines a good mix of protein and wholesome ingredients. It is sweet, satisfying and has a ton of flavor.  I have been eating it all week.


Special K Berry Medley Chewy Bar Parfait


  • 1 Special K Berry Medley Chewy Bar
  • 1/2 cup Chobani non-fat plain Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 tbs unsweetened coconut flakes


  1. Put the yogurt into the bottom of a bowl
  2. Place on top of the yogurt:
  3. Sliced banana
  4. Crumbled Special K Berry Medley
  5. Sprinkle the coconut flakes

For 250 calories you can have a wholesome and balanced breakfast full of flavor.

Special K Berry Medley Chewy Bar Parfait Nutrition Info


These chewy bars are super versatile. Not only did I use them as an add on to my breakfast but I have been snacking on them all week. I had the Blueberry Bliss bar before a cold early morning run and the Salted Pretzel Chocolate bar for a pick-me-up during the usual 3pm workday slump. The chewy bars are very light and satisfying and perfect for a quick snack when on the go.

What are your favorite on the go snacks?

*This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Special K. The product was provided to me by Special K but all opinions and reviews are my own.