5 Tips to Feeling Good This 4th of July

To me, the 4th of July marks the height of Summer. A chance to spend time on the lake, soak up the sun and be surrounded by family and friends. It also means lots of day drinking, BBQing and treats. It is easy to fall off your normal schedule and throw caution to the wind. There is nothing wrong with that! But, if you want to try and have a balanced weekend where you have fun, enjoy some treats and cocktails but don’t totally sabotage all the hard work you’ve done, below are 5 tips to feeling good this 4th of July.

Five Tips For Feeling Good This 4th Of July

1. Drink water.
On the 4th, typically you are out in the sun, lounging by the water which makes is easy to get dehydrated so it’s extra important to drink water. My dad always says, “One drink. One water.” That’s how you can last all night, and feel good in the morning. I try to stick to this as much as I can, especially on weekends were we are drinking and celebrating a lot. Staying hydrated also helps to keep you feeling full, debloated and looking bikini ready.

2. Eat a good breakfast with lots of protein and fat.
The food you eat first thing in the morning typically sets the ton for the day. I find if I have a bagel, I want sugar and carbs all day. If I just eat fruit, I am hungry in an hour. Since there will be a lot of process foods, sugar and BBQ treats around all day, try to start your day with a good breakfast that is high in protein and fats. I love having scrambled eggs and avocado with a side of strawberry or watermelon.

3. Make sure to eat a meal.
Don’t snack through meals. Often times, especially on long weekends or holiday’s I find myself snacking a ton and then I’m like, “I just ate so many chips and cookies, I don’t need lunch.” So I skip it. But then 2 hours later, I am hungry and start snacking again and end up eating way more calories, way worse food, and feeling shitty. Whereas, if I just sat down and made myself a big salad or light sandwich with healthy fats, protein and carbs I would be so much more satisfied.

4. Move your body.
Don’t stress too much about getting a killer workout in, but try to move your body at least for 30 minutes (preferably in the morning). I find that when you move, you feel better about yourself, you feel lighter and it helps you make better decisions through out the day.

5. Don’t over think it.
Sometimes we can get so caught up in “staying on track” that it is all we can think about but that makes it so much worse. Not only does it make it hard to enjoy yourself, it makes you feel guilty every time you have something “you shouldn’t”. And then you just say “F* IT” and dig into the treats making you feel more guilty, bloated and discouraged. Try to avoid this cycle. Enjoy yourself, let go of all the pressure you put on yourself and spend time with family and friends (preferably on the water, and not around the snack table!!)

I hope this helps! Remember to have a fun 4th of July and enjoy yourself.

What are some tips you are going to try to practice this 4th of July?

Balancing Yoga

I can’t believe how fast this summer is going. Not to mention, yoga Teacher Training (TT) is already half way through. Between work, yoga TT, life and summertime fun, I feel like I haven’t had a second to stop and just be. But, I am not complaining. I am loving every minute of it. Yes, blogging has taken a bit of a back seat, but all is not lost! I really do want to write about yoga and what has been going on in my life, but the hour I have free, I try to be present instead of sitting with my computer open.

As part of the Teacher Training, we are required to attend three 3 hour classes a week, take over 60 yoga classes in the 8 week period and journal after each seminar and class. It is a lot!

Core Power Yoga Teacher TrainingWe are half way through the training and we have covered so much. From learning all the postures in a beginners C1 Core Power Yoga class, the adjustments and assists to Yoga Philosophy and Chakras. It is incredible how much I have already learned. I can not wait to have more time so I can spend more time on the topics I am really interested in and hopefully share with all of you!

I have to say, I am very thankful for yoga. I feel like while it has added a lot to my plate, it has also made me way more grounded and relaxed. In the past, if my life was this crazy busy I would be a total stressball and be really grumpy and uptight.  But I am really embracing every moment, enjoying each experience and focusing on what I can control.  It’s a nice feeling!