Weekend Fun

This weekend went by really fast! It was the first weekend in a while that we were home and it was really nice. We spent a lot of time together as a family and I also did a lot of yoga stuff!

On Friday night, my mom picked up Emerson from daycare and Vinnie and I went on a quick date night to the new Corepower Yoga Studio in the Seaport and then grabbed dinner at Empire. It was improntu and really nice.

On Saturday, I taught yoga in the morning and then we went to the Pumpkin Palooza at Lawn on D in the afternoon. We had no idea what to expect but it was packed and super fun. They had pumpkins there for families to carve, train rides, face painting and of course fall beer and yummy treats. It was a beautiful day and a perfect way to get outside and spend the Halloween weekend.

On Sunday, we explored a new park and hung out there for wayyyy too long. Emerson was exhausted but it was so fun we couldn’t leave. There were so many toys and kids to play with. We loved it and will absolutely be going back very soon.

Snacking At Union Park

Sunday afternoon, instead of watching the Pats game, I was in the yoga studio for 3 hours. We had a Q4 annual update teacher training meeting. It was actually a nice refresher and great to see so many of the other teachers. It can just be hard to give up so much time on the weekend especially when I only get 2 days to hang with my family. But, now I am super prepared to teach and that is a great feeling!

Tomorrow is Halloween. We did a test run in Emerson’s costume and she seemed to like it ok! She doesn’t love the hat but she wore the fox suit no prob. The tail gets me! She is going to be the cutest little fox!

Halloween FUN

This week, I am really trying to focus in on my diet and exercise. I have been letting it slip lately and I am determined to reset and restart. The Tone It Up 21 Day Challenge Round 2 starts today so I am going to try to use that as a guide.

My goals are to:
– Do the 21 daily moves, every day
– Pack my breakfast and lunch for work  and eat only what I bring
– Cook my dinners rather than just snacking on whatever is around the house.

Cheers to a new week!

I hope you had a great weekend! I will be back on Thursday to share all about Halloween.

Fit For Fall

Today kicks off the Tone It Up Fit for Fall challenge. It is weekly workouts motivational tips and a great community of people to support you as you eat right and get healthy. I’m signed up! Is anybody else doing it?

This Fall, they are doing a Charity Challenge where you run 100 (or 150 miles) by the end of the Fall. By logging your miles through the Charity Miles app, companies and organizations make a donation to a charity of your choose. It is really cool! I have already run 20 miles towards my goal.

This weekend I went for a nice run along the Charles River. It felt so good, I felt like I could of run forever. I haven’t felt that way in a long time.

Sunday Runday

Vinnie came and met me while I was running and biked with me until the end! Sunday Runday

This weekend went by super quick but it was super fun. On Sunday, I taught a community yoga class at the Core Power studio. It is a free class that we they put on for us as new teachers to practice teachers. I taught a section of the sequence we are learning and it was super exhilarating, nerve-racking, and fulfilling. I practiced all week to memorize my cues in the sequence to make sure that I would do a great job. And once I got up there in front of the students I forgot everything. I definitely made mistakes, mistakes that were silly and I know better but I lost track of where I was and would engage breath the wrong way. But it was still really fun. I was a little disappointed because I worked so hard in practice and I thought I would do a better job but I’ve made some great progress from where I was.

Sunday Football Patriots

After class I rushed to my grandparents house to watch the last couple minutes of the patriots game. Next weekend is my last weekend of having yoga commitments so I’m excited to really be able to watch the games with them. I’m really sad to have yoga training ends. I need to figure out what I want to do next.

Lunch on the roof
Weekend lunch on the roof!

I am still working on the first phase of the Elimination Diet. I have been pretty good but had a few cheat days where I had gluten or diary. I think a lot of the food is out of my system, but I want to give it one more week of me being really really good and then I will start to add each food group back in, one at a time.

What are some highlights from your weekend? Any good runs, yoga, football…?

Balancing Yoga

I can’t believe how fast this summer is going. Not to mention, yoga Teacher Training (TT) is already half way through. Between work, yoga TT, life and summertime fun, I feel like I haven’t had a second to stop and just be. But, I am not complaining. I am loving every minute of it. Yes, blogging has taken a bit of a back seat, but all is not lost! I really do want to write about yoga and what has been going on in my life, but the hour I have free, I try to be present instead of sitting with my computer open.

As part of the Teacher Training, we are required to attend three 3 hour classes a week, take over 60 yoga classes in the 8 week period and journal after each seminar and class. It is a lot!

Core Power Yoga Teacher TrainingWe are half way through the training and we have covered so much. From learning all the postures in a beginners C1 Core Power Yoga class, the adjustments and assists to Yoga Philosophy and Chakras. It is incredible how much I have already learned. I can not wait to have more time so I can spend more time on the topics I am really interested in and hopefully share with all of you!

I have to say, I am very thankful for yoga. I feel like while it has added a lot to my plate, it has also made me way more grounded and relaxed. In the past, if my life was this crazy busy I would be a total stressball and be really grumpy and uptight.  But I am really embracing every moment, enjoying each experience and focusing on what I can control.  It’s a nice feeling!