Halloween 2016 👻

Halloween 2016.

Emerson’s first Halloween. It was a great one.

During the day, Daycare did a parade through our office so all employees could see the cute kids in their costumes. The infants were strapped into this awesome wagon-like thing that had seats. It was so cute! Emerson loved seeing all the people in the office and was super smiley.

Emerson was a pumpkin! I went back and forth about whether or not I should buy her a “real” costume. I opted not to spend the $$ and put her in a onsie we already had with a hat my aunt made and it was perfect!

After work, I headed to Charlestown for more Halloween shenanigans. I am part of the Charlestown Mother’s Association and during maternity leave would go for walks with all the moms that had babies around Emerson’s age. There are so many moms!! We made sure to take a picture all of the babies in their costume. It was adorable!

Babys in Halloween costumes

Family photo with our little pumpkin!

Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016

Lots of family came down to celebrate Emerson’s first Halloween. It was a beautiful night! I am already looking forward to next year when Emerson will actually be able to walk around and trick or treat.

This is my favorite photo and I just had to share!

How was your Halloween!?

Quick Interval Treadmill Run + Bruins

I hope you had a nice weekend. Vinnie and I had no plans and enjoyed a very lazy and relaxing few days. Most weekends, we seem to always have friends visiting, family gatherings or trips to VT/NH planned.

On Friday I got home just in time to catch the Halloween festivities in Charlestown. We met up with our friends and walked up to the Bunker Hill Monument to join in on the celebrations. There was a Halloween parade, live music and tons of people!  It was so cute seeing all the kids dressed up and celebrating Halloween. We walked around for a bit and then headed home to hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters. It was a mellow Halloween with no dressing up but that is exactly how I like it!

Bunker Hill Charlestown Halloween 2014

The forecast for Saturday was very dark and dreary so I set my alarm to wake up in time to beat the weather. I did get up early, but I ended up sipping coffee, sitting on the couch and doing some work. By the time I got dressed to run the weather was starting to turn so I bundled up and prepared for a cold, rainy, windy run. I got about 20 minutes in and decided to head to the gym because it was so crappy out.  I got to the YMCA and scanned the class schedule, there was a Power Yoga class starting in 25 minutes! I am a new member to the Y and I am having a lot of fun exploring all the classes they offer. I have not taken this yoga class yet, so I was excited to try it out but I wanted to run a little longer so I jumped on the treadmill and did a quick interval workout to get the most out of the 20 minutes I had.

Quick Treadmill Workout

I worked up a good sweat and felt accomplished and ready to take on yoga. The yoga class was good, but I had a hard time focusing and calming my mind. The class is in a big open room with a wall of windows and I kept getting distracted by all the people walking by.

After the gym, I decided to get a jumpstart on prepping for the work week and started to make a grocery list. Vinnie and I are big into making a big meal that we can make ahead and eat leftovers for lunch. It was so cold and rainy, we were both craving warm, hearty meals. I looked around Pinterest and found some awesome healthy recipes. On the menu this week is Creamy (no cream) Corn Chowder, Paleo Butternut Squash Soup, and Baked Acorn Squash Bowls.

Cooking Soup

I started making the Cream Corn Chowder made with a cauliflower as the base when Vinnie came into the kitchen with a big smirk on his face. A friend of ours had extra tickets to the Bruins game and invited us to go. Obviously, we said yes! So, I quickly finished making the soup, bundled up for the cold walk to The Garden. The game was really fun and we had great seats. Sports games are always more fun when your team is winning!

Box Seats

Sunday we slept in, had a great breakfast and watched the Patriots game. Again, sports games are always way more fun when your team is winning.

Oh PS – The Cauliflower Corn Chowder is super good – and Vinnie approves! I made some small tweaks to the recipe and I will share later this week. That’s the only food prep I got done; the couch was just too comfy to get off it today.

Halloween Candy Calories

To be honest, I am not a huge fan of dressing up for Halloween. I have a hard time thinking of a costume and instead of just picking one and being done, I stress over all the options and can never make a decision. It’s a challenge and I always end up deciding to be nothing. This will be the 5th Halloween Vinnie and I have had together as a couple and we have never [I repeat… never] dressed up or celebrated together. Ridic, right!?
I believe we will do something this year; although, it is the day of, and we still don’t have any ideas or real plans. For being a planner, I tend to fly by the seat of my pants in situations like this! Regardless of how I feel about finding a costume, I always love to carve pumpkins, roast pumpkin seeds and eat Halloween candy. Carving Halloween Pumpkins

Anyway, another fun fact about me is I have a serious addiction to keeping up with celebrity news. I check People.com daily, which brings me to the purpose of this post.

Harley Pasternak frequents people as a contributor and provides great fitness and nutrition tips. His recent post was all about Halloween candy. He listed the sugar and calories for the 10 most popular treats. I had a general idea of the nutrition info on these candies, but I was still surprised by some, and it was a good reminder to enjoy Halloween treats, but be mindful at the same time.

Halloween Candy Calories

I chose my top 5 from his list and I added a few more of my favorites:

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
1 cup: 105 calories, 6.5g fat, 10.5g (=5 cubes) sugar

1 Fun-Size pack of peanut: 90 calories, 5g fat, 9g (=4 cubes) sugar
1 Fun-Size pack of milk chocolate: 75 calories, 2.5g fat, 10g (=4.5 cubes) sugar

1 Fun-Size bar: 80 calories, 4g fat, 9g (=4 cubes) sugar
2 Miniatures: 85 calories, 4g fat, 9g (=4 cubes) sugar

1 Milk Chocolate Snack Size bar: 65 calories, 3.5g fat, 7g (=3 cubes) sugar
2 Miniatures: 85 calories, 5g fat, 9 g (=4 cubes

1 Fun-Size bar: 125 calories, 7 grams of fat, 8.5 grams (=3.5 cubes) of sugar

While I LOVE chocolate, I am more of a gummy, sugary candy kind of girl so I added 3 more in that category:

Candy Corn my all-time favorite
19 pieces: 140 calories, 0g of fat, 3g of sugar

1 mini box: 70 calories, 0g fat, 11g sugar

Fun Size: 61 calories, >1g fat, 11.4g sugar

The biggest thing I noticed was the snack size vs. miniatures. When given an option, I always grab for a miniature candy because I think it’s better and healthier. But that always leads to at least 2-3 miniatures whereas if you just had one snack size you would be way better off. Also worth noting is the gummy/sugary candy has less calories and almost no fat, but equal amounts of sugar – so pretty much you are eating straight sugar, no real nutritional value there! 🙂

Since it is Halloween, I hope this information helps you be a little more mindful when reaching into the candy jar. It is perfectly ok to indulge and enjoy candy on this fun holiday, but don’t let the mini versions of your favorite treats fool you, they still pack a major calorie and sugar punch!

Whats your favorite Halloween Candy?