5 Tips to Feeling Good This 4th of July

To me, the 4th of July marks the height of Summer. A chance to spend time on the lake, soak up the sun and be surrounded by family and friends. It also means lots of day drinking, BBQing and treats. It is easy to fall off your normal schedule and throw caution to the wind. There is nothing wrong with that! But, if you want to try and have a balanced weekend where you have fun, enjoy some treats and cocktails but don’t totally sabotage all the hard work you’ve done, below are 5 tips to feeling good this 4th of July.

Five Tips For Feeling Good This 4th Of July

1. Drink water.
On the 4th, typically you are out in the sun, lounging by the water which makes is easy to get dehydrated so it’s extra important to drink water. My dad always says, “One drink. One water.” That’s how you can last all night, and feel good in the morning. I try to stick to this as much as I can, especially on weekends were we are drinking and celebrating a lot. Staying hydrated also helps to keep you feeling full, debloated and looking bikini ready.

2. Eat a good breakfast with lots of protein and fat.
The food you eat first thing in the morning typically sets the ton for the day. I find if I have a bagel, I want sugar and carbs all day. If I just eat fruit, I am hungry in an hour. Since there will be a lot of process foods, sugar and BBQ treats around all day, try to start your day with a good breakfast that is high in protein and fats. I love having scrambled eggs and avocado with a side of strawberry or watermelon.

3. Make sure to eat a meal.
Don’t snack through meals. Often times, especially on long weekends or holiday’s I find myself snacking a ton and then I’m like, “I just ate so many chips and cookies, I don’t need lunch.” So I skip it. But then 2 hours later, I am hungry and start snacking again and end up eating way more calories, way worse food, and feeling shitty. Whereas, if I just sat down and made myself a big salad or light sandwich with healthy fats, protein and carbs I would be so much more satisfied.

4. Move your body.
Don’t stress too much about getting a killer workout in, but try to move your body at least for 30 minutes (preferably in the morning). I find that when you move, you feel better about yourself, you feel lighter and it helps you make better decisions through out the day.

5. Don’t over think it.
Sometimes we can get so caught up in “staying on track” that it is all we can think about but that makes it so much worse. Not only does it make it hard to enjoy yourself, it makes you feel guilty every time you have something “you shouldn’t”. And then you just say “F* IT” and dig into the treats making you feel more guilty, bloated and discouraged. Try to avoid this cycle. Enjoy yourself, let go of all the pressure you put on yourself and spend time with family and friends (preferably on the water, and not around the snack table!!)

I hope this helps! Remember to have a fun 4th of July and enjoy yourself.

What are some tips you are going to try to practice this 4th of July?

Health, Fitness and Pregnancy

I’ve got the urge to write… I know I’ve been M.I.A for a while and I am not going to make excuses or say I’m back, but today I want to write. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do and where I want to be and every time I come back wanting to be involved in health and fitness. I’m not sure how but I know I have this platform to share my own thoughts, experiences and ideas so why not use it!

Granted my life’s been a little busy and things are changing a lot so it’s harder to be as fit and healthy as I would normally like. In 7 short weeks, I will be expecting my first baby. My experience with pregnancy has been hot and cold. I always thought I would be crazy abut my diet, eating only organic, lots of veggies and tons of lean protein, but that is not the case. It’s a real challenge to eat well and resist the urge to eat sugar, junk food and fried food. Now that I am pretty far along and have a nice big belly I am way more comfortable being pregnant. In my second trimester, while I had energy, I felt funny. I had a hard time adjusting to my growing belly, the lack of control when it came to food and the inability to work out at the intensity I wanted. To be honest, I felt lazy, and I hate that feeling. Now in my third trimester, I embrace it. I have accepted my belly and pregnancy for what it is; an amazing journey, creating life and starting a family!

I have good days and bad days. Some days I have “normal” energy levels, some days I am exhausted. I don’t always eat well but I try to always incorporate some fruit and veggies. Sugar is by far my biggest downfall! The elliptical, or going for a walk, are my new go-to workouts. Although I still do try to run 3-5 miles, 2-3 times a week. Strength and HIIT are incorporated too but a lot of moves are getting really hard to do. It’s been an adjustment. But, it’s all for a really GREAT reason. Maybe that’s why I’m craving writing about health and fitness. It’s a way for me to still feel connected to the lifestyle and community I love.

In terms of this pregnancy, it’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that I have a baby growing inside me. It’s the craziest thing ever…like there is a human being inside of me! The baby is moving a ton now which is so cool. It really makes this whole experience of becoming a mom feel real. For a while it felt surreal and I struggled to really feel connected to the baby. Now, I feel like we have conversations and talk to each other through all the baby’s movements. Sometimes I feel the babies foot or hand; I can literally feel the shape of its body part.  I can not wait to see the baby, it’s hands and feet, in the outside world!

I guess, technically, today is my first Mother’s Day. How weird is that? I get really emotional thinking about it. It’s truly incredible and I feel so fortunate for this next chapter in our lives. Being a mom is something I have always aspired to be and it’s now becoming a reality. Honestly, it still doesn’t feel quite real…But it is and that’s what makes me so emotional. I’m a mom! How f-ing cool is that?

Labor Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day Weekend!! We had so much fun up in Vermont with our family and friends. We floated around on the lake, went for a few nice VT walks and ate incredible local food.

We also drank a little too much and ate way too many chips and treats. But, that’s what the Holiday weekend is all about, right!?

I tried really hard to stick to my Elimination Diet that I started earlier in the week. I would give myself a grade of a B. I did a really good job in the beginning but as the weekend dragged on and my “gluten free, diary free” food dwindled, I started to snack on un-approved food. But, the biggest win for me was that I did not sip beer at all! This was so hard, because I love beer. I always steal sips of everyone’s beer because I want to try them all and I did not do that once. Yea, me! Now I just need to figure out the food thing too.

Below are some snap shots from our very fun filled weekend. What was the highlight of your LDW!?




Back Bay Chopped

Hello Friends!

I am really sorry I haven’t been around much. I am going to try really hard to be better about it. It is an April goal of mine. I love this community and the connection I have with all of you. I don’t want to loss that because “I am tired” and “things are busy”. Being healthy and fit and sharing my experiences and journey is my passion and makes me happy. I need to make time for my happiness.

So I am back here today to check in on my eats and share what I ate yesterday. I was fortunate enough to work in Boston for the day which meant a much easier commute (no driving required!) and bundles of more time at home.

I convinced Vinnie to get up early and take the 6am BoxFitt 360 class at The Club by George Foreman which is quickly becoming a go-to favorite on my monthly ClassPass schedule. It was great! You truly never regret a workout. Plus, it’s so fun to spend time with my husband and a get work out in.

After class, I headed home and Vinnie went to work.

Egg Omlet with peas, spinach, mushrooms

I had enough time to make myself a glorious egg omelette with mushrooms, peas and spinach. I sat and ate it with my coffee and a glass of water.

For lunch, I had a giant Back Bay Chopped salad with almost everything in it including cheese, bacon and avocado from The Met Bar on Newbury St. Sorry no picture… I forgot to take one, plus I was with co-workers and it probably would of been a little weird.

I snacked on a lot of Tostitos chips and a grande Cafe Soy Misto. I can’t seem to get enough salty snacks and warm cozy coffees.

Garlic & Herb chicken sausage with brocolli

For dinner, we had some really delicious Garlic & Herb Chicken Sausage and Broccolini. It was super good, but I am still kind of hungry as I write this and have a wicked craving for something sweet.

I am trying hard to focus on my diet and fitness to get back on track. It’s been a little over a week of real focus and dedication and it’s going ok – there are definitely highs and lows but overall I am feeling much better which is the goal, right!?

How are things going for you? Anything yummy  and noteworthy to share??

Sweat It Out

Happy Friday!

I have spent my week working hard, getting back on track and focusing on my diet and work outs. In general, I am pretty happy with where I landed.

Treadmill running
Treadmill running.. so over it.

The highlight was that I went for two runs outside and I wasn’t bundled up in a million layers. It was so nice to get my feet under me and really run. It honestly felt like I haven’t done that since the fall.

Running along the Charles in Boston
I finally got outside for a run along the Charles… the ice is starting to melt!
Another run outside ! I am not complaining… even if it is in the rain!

I also took a core power yoga class and I am pretty sure I almost melted! It was the hottest I have EVER been in a hot yoga class. My face was burning up, I was pouring sweat and I definitely got dizzy at points. It was super challenging, I struggled the entire way through, but I didn’t count down the minutes until it was over. It felt so good to sweat and be pushed to my limits. It’s crazy that a yoga class can do that!

So sweaty after Hot Yoga
So sweaty after Hot Yoga – this is in the locker room, after class!

My eats are so hard to photograph because I literally eat almost every meal at my desk at work and lets be honest, you can’t take good food photos like that. Regardless, I made an attempt!

IMG 0194 JPG
Chicken, Roasted Broccoli and Salad

Avocado Chicken Dinner

Almond Snacks while working away
Almond Snacks while working away
Giant Salad with chicken, cheese and lots of veggies
Giant Salad with chicken, cheese and lots of veggies

I feel much better at the end of this week than I have in a really long time. I was not 100% perfect, but I am not sure I will ever be. Now, the challenge is consistency and maintaining over the weekend. Typically, if I weigh myself on Friday and then Monday there is a good 5 pound variance. My goal for this weekend is to minimize this.

What are your weekend plans and goals?



life lately

I’m sorry I have been a little distant. Things have been overwhelming and exhausting at work and home and I needed to take some time for myself. I love blogging but (I hate to say it) sometimes it can be time consuming and an added stress so I had to step away and focus on me. I miss the community and support so I am gonna try to devote more time to those connections without feeling pressure to post every other day. We will see how it goes. In the mean time, here are some pictures of life lately.

Boston Views

Friday night cocktails
Friday Night Cocktails

Friday Night Cocktails

21 Birthday Cake
I made my sister, Lily, a funfetti (obvi) cake for her 21st Bday celebration… with cadbury eggs on top
Signing Happy Birthday Day
My grandparents came to help celebrate Lily’s 21st.

Julia Wins National Downhill Title

My other sister, Julia, won the National Downhill Title for the 3rd time!

Julia Wins National Downhill Title
Julia Wins National Downhill Title
Running Races
Running some races!

Treadmill Runs

Key Lime and Pecan Pie
Way too may sweets hanging around my office…
Core Power Yoga
Core Power Yoga Sculpt. Yoga and Toning = 100% awesome
Coffee and Water
Drinking lots of coffee and water…
Saturday morning Breakfast. Granola, banana and almond milk

Vermont Weekends

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I am surprised how much the time change has effected me. I am super sluggish today, but looking forward to the daylight when I leave work tonight!

Vinnie and I went up to Vermont this weekend. We spent time with family, skied a lot and ate great food!

I am running the New Bedford Half Marathon this coming Sunday (EEEKK). I feel so unprepared, but I am hoping for the best. I did manage to get a good 6 mile run in on the snowy dirt roads of Vermont. I have to say it was actually not that bad compared to what I have been dealing with in Boston this winter!  long run in after skiing all day

Vinnie’s mom makes amazing pizza and Saturday night she did not disappoint! She makes everything from scratch including the dough and the red sauce. It was super good! I never go hungry when we are in Vermont 🙂

Dinapoli dinner and pizza night

On Sunday, Vinnie and I dragged ourselves out of bed, bright and early (especially with the time change) and skied all day. Vinnie’s sister, Kelly, was racing so we watched her and skied around all day.
Volkl and Fisher Skis - okemo mountain

The snow was awesome! It was nice to rip some turns – I feel like I haven’t taken advantage of all the great snow this winter. We have been trapped in Boston, unable to travel anywhere because we were too scared of losing our parking spot! #truestory

Skiing at Okemo Skiing at Okemo

Sunday afternoon we turned on NECN and my cousin’s hockey team was on TV! They were playing in the Hockey East Championship game against Boston College and they WON! It was so cool to watch her on live TV. That’s my cousin holding the giant trophy over her head!

BU Womens Wins Hockey East Title

This week is going to be busy! My sister, Julia, flies into town tonight. Vinnie’s family is coming to visit and it’s restaurant week so we are going to try to take advantage of that. I am determined to fit in all my workouts including some runs so I feel ready for Sunday’s race… we will see how that goes!!

How was your weekend?
What are your plans this week?


The Club by George Foreman III

The Club by George Forreman III

On a whim, I signed up for ClassPass, and I have to confess…I am obsessed. No seriously, it is the greatest thing ever. I was in such a rut with working out and exercising and joining ClassPass has totally kicked me into motion shape. I am supposed to be training for a half marathon which is in two weeks, but I am not doing a great job so taking classes is how I am getting into shape for the race. I still do long runs on the weekends but the shorter distance during the week… not so much.

I had a presentation for work on Monday so I didn’t get my morning workout in. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as well as I would of hoped. [I  don’t talk too much about my real world job but for all that are wondering, I work at Sperry and manage the apparel and accessories which is a new initiative for us to expand beyond boat shoes.] Anyway, I was presenting the new Fall 15 apparel line and we had a few models do a mini fashion show to show the collection, but they sent them WAY too early and I was completely caught off guard. I managed to stay focused, but didn’t talk about everything I wanted to and the whole thing was way shorter than I would of liked. I hope that I am being hard on myself and the audience didn’t notice how bad it really was!

Anyway, after work I went to The Club by George Foreman III. I took a 30 minute Bags + Body class which is where you are in front of a boxing bag and jabs, upper cut and punch the boxing bag. There is a mix of push ups, burpees, abs and fast feet as well.  I loved it, it was such a great way to work out my frustration with how my presentation had gone. The whole gym was popping with energy and everyone was super excited to be there, really friendly and working hard. The layout is really open so you can see all the classes going on while you do your thing!

The Club by George Forreman III

I loved The Club so much that I went back for a 6am class on Thursday morning to take the signature class, Box Fiit 360, that George himself teaches!  Box Fiit’s a total body, circuit interval workout where you do a range of moves from boxing to Kettlebell swings, to rowing to rope exercises. There are12 stations and you do each one for 2 minute rounds for a 36 minute circuit.  The workouts change weekly so you never know what you are going to get!

I have one more class at the Club before my pass renews for the  next month so I need to pick wisely! I have also taken Flywheel and CorePower Yoga Sculpt which were also amazing, but for this is already getting long so I will keep those for another post!

Have you ever tried a boxing work out?

A Day of Eats II

Happy Wednesday! 

I am trying really hard to eat better and get some good workouts in this week. I would give myself a C+ on the eating and an A- on the working out which is pretty typical for me. One day, I would love to an A in both!! 🙂

I pack my breakfast and lunch to eat at work every.single.day. It gets tedious and I have a hard time staying creative, but I am way too cheap to buy food every day! Yesterday, I packed up lots of fruits and veggies for my work day.


IMG 5282 0 JPG

I had a banana with peanut butter spoonfuls [not pictured] with a large cup of coffee for breakfast.

IMG 5287 0 JPG

Shortly after I was still hungry and snacked on salted peanuts while working away at my desk.

IMG 5285 0 JPG

For lunch I had chicken with carrots, celery, cucumbers and Spicy Trader Joe’s Hummus which is sooooooo good. I had an apple for dessert [the meal is pictured in the top image – I just forgot to take a picture when i was actually eating it!]

Work stress plus late afternoon munchies made me reach for the snack draw at work. I munched on animal crackers which were actually super delicious. I should of stopped at half the bag, but I managed to eat my way through the whole thing. My bad.

IMG 5283 0 JPG

I justified eating a whole bag of animal crackers by going to my first ever Flywheel class using my ClassPass. It was AWESOME! The music was loud, the energy was high and the workout was killer. My shirt was literally drenched after the 45 spin class. I have been loving ClassPass. So far, I have taken 5 great classes – I will do a recap of all the greatness soon!

After Flywheel I got home and Vinnie had made a pasta dinner with meat sauce. I typically do not like to eat pasta at night because of all the carbs, but I was starving so I chowed down!

IMG 5286 0 JPG

I mentioned on Monday that this month I am going to try really hard to track my food and be very mindful of what I am eating. I always try to track my food in MyFitnessPal, but sometimes when I eat something really bad and I don’t want to admit it I will not add  because I know what it will do to my numbers which is terrible, but true and defeats the purpose of tracking my food. So this month, good or bad, I really want to see my total calories and understand how my calories are broken out.

IMG 5279 0 PNG

Yesterday, I feel like my carbs were a little high and my protein was low. It’s crazy how much sugar I eat in a day. It is mostly natural sugar but it’s still really high with all the fruit I eat.

I will leave you with the below picture my sister sent me. I am sure you have all seen and heard about the color of the dress conundrum… this is a funny take on it! Enjoy.

IMG 5280 0 JPG


Do you track your food? Do you ever cheat just so you don’t have to see the results!?

A Day of Eating

Hi, there!
I dropping in real quick today to say hi and give a day of my eats. I am traveling (again) for work and don’t have a lot of time in front of my computer. I hope everyone is having a good week. Happy hump day!

When I wake up in the morning, I have to have a big glass of water and a even bigger cup of coffee. It may be almost March, but I still love my frosty the snowman mug… Actually, I guess it is fitting given all the snow we still have (its just not Christmas anymore) 🙂

Breakfast: 2 eggs, mushroom, tomato and cheese

Breakfast: 2 eggs, mushroom, tomato and cheese

Trader Joe Greek Yogurt, Granola and an apple

Lunch: Trader Joe Greek Yogurt, Granola and an apple

Snack: Too Much Trail Mix

Snack: Too Much Trail Mix – I couldn’t even wait until I got home to eat it


For dinner I made my favorite Chili. This is my go to Sunday meal prep recipe because it’s so easy and makes so much it can last all week!

I am linking up with Jenn to share the WIAW love.