Desk Job vs. Passion Job

I made it through my first week at my new job. Success!!

Desk Job vs. Passion Job
I have to admit, going into it, I was not very excited. I was putting it “out of sight, out of mind” and didn’t really even acknowledge I was taking on a new job. Honestly, I was not excited about just taking another job, in another office because I truly want to find a way to pursue health and fitness as my career. That is my passion. That is what I really want to be doing every day.

I listen to a million podcasts that all tell me what I should be doing…. “if you’re not doing what you love, you need to figure out what it is and do it… “work all day and then work on my dream job/passion job at night”… “if it is really my passion, I will find a way to make it my job”… “do both jobs until you get your passion job to a sustainable place.”

That is all well and good (and admirable), but do those people have a 1 year old at home, a mortgage to pay, mouths to feed? Ha! Also, in my opinion, there is something to be said about the comfort of a desk job, knowing what to expect, showing up, doing your job and then turning off and going home at night to your family/life. Clearly that reason, right there, is why I have taken this new job, why I have not dropped everything to pursue my passion. I am comfortable with a steady paycheck and the certainty of my daily schedule.

Desk Job vs. Passion Job

I also want to come home and be able to relax a little. As it is, with prepping for the next day, cleaning bottle and Tupperware, and making dinner, I barely get to sit down before 9pm anyway. Then I have to open my computer and start working on my passion job? No thank you, not right now.

Well this is not where I thought this post was going to go :). I started to write thinking I would share about my new job, the routine, the people, the actual work, but my stream of conscious clearly brought me down a different path. I will leave that other stuff for another time.

Have a great week!

June 1st

It’s June 1. Emerson’s birth month. How the hell has it been almost a year since I had her? There’s been so much change in my life but it’s been incredible. I am a very different person today, than I was a year ago. I have an entirely new outlook on life. Everything revolves around my family, my daughter and what is best for us.  I wouldn’t change that. Yes, maybe I would like some more me time, some more moments to myself, some more time to workout or sleep, but if that doesn’t happen I will be perfectly ok with that too.

You know it’s funny… I opened up this page to write about my postpartum experience. I have had a hard time finding a new routine that includes working out (the way I used to) and how adjusting to my post baby body has been a big mental shift. Yet, the second I started writing happiness and positivity started to flow. I think that’s a good sign! I came in from a state of negativity but my thoughts and words quickly changed.

Although I’m not where I want to be in terms of my body and routine; I’m so happy. I did not know that one little human could bring so much joy to my life. Watching her learn and develop and find love in life makes me appreciate all the little things so much more.

As we head into June, I have more change approaching in my life, a new job, new daycare; leaving what has been so normal and so comfortable for so long. And ultimately, I still don’t really know what I want. I know I need to make a change. I don’t know if this is going to be 100% right but at least I’m doing something. The one thing that I think about a lot with leaving my job and finding a new one is what do I really want to do? At the end of the day, I know my passion is health and fitness and that I don’t really want to be behind a desk all day. I just don’t know how to make that a career. I think I want to spend the next year of my life trying to figure out how to do that.

This blog has been such a great outlet for me to share my health and fitness journey, my best practices and experiences but I do it so sporadic. This summer, as I turn the page on a new life chapter, I want to start writing more. I am just so shy and apprehensive to putting myself out there, even though at the end of the day that’s what I want to do. It’s a really hard dichotomy. I need to figure out which side outweighs the other and start running towards it.

So this post was supposed to be about postpartum and it turned into something so much different but it was a stream of consciousness and I clearly needed to get it out so I’m sharing it and maybe other people will resonate with it too!


Columbus Day Weekend 2015 & Weekly Workout Recap

I hope everyone is enjoying Columbus Day Weekend. We had a fun fall filled weekend. We visited one of my good friends and went apple picking and on Sunday we went to the Topsfield Fair with my family. I have lots of pictures to share the weekend.

Apple Picking At Applecrest Farm

apple picking

Tractors at apple picking

Apple crest orchard

applecrest orchard apple facts
These are some wicked fun facts about choosing the apple variety for specific things like salads, snacks, desserts… etc.

Sunday trip to the Topsfield fair to celebrate my dad’s birthday!

Topsfield Fair
We were not the only one’s going to the fair.

IMG 2064

IMG 2066
Lily won a duck stuffed animal and a gold fish!
Topsfield Fair
I thought these cow facts were interesting so I thought others might find them cool too!

Topsfield Fair 2015

Today I have to leave for a work trip, but not before running in the Tufts 10K. I will write up a recap for Wednesday!

Here is my weekly workout recap for 10.5.15

Weekly Workout Recap:

Monday: Ran 40 minutes and Yoga Sculpt Class at CPY

Tuesday: 35 minute total body toning and 30 minute treadmill run

Wednesday: 3.5 mile run

Thursday: 5 mile run

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest — walking while apple picking

Sunday: 75 minute yoga class at CPY

This week, I did well with my workouts. I reached my goals of doing yoga at least twice and running at least 3 times. The more I do these recaps, the more I realize I need to work on my diet in order to see changes. I consistently fit in my workout… Yes, I could run longer or do more high intensity work outs but either way, I exercise at least 5 times a week. My diet is what I need to change. I need to work on this, stop snacking so much and create a plan I can follow.

Goals for this week: I am traveling most of this week, so I won’t be able to do yoga but I am still going to try to fit in some runs. I want to try to run 30 miles this week. That is a lot compared to what I have been doing but when you do the math out it’s 4.2 miles a day. I can do that!

My real goal this week is going to be to focus on my diet. It’s going to be hard because I am traveling and won’t have as much control, but I want to challenge my willpower and only eat what I really want and until I am satisfied. I, too often, eat just to eat.  Here goes nothing!

What are your goals for the week? Did you get all the workouts in you wanted to last week?

Balancing Yoga

I can’t believe how fast this summer is going. Not to mention, yoga Teacher Training (TT) is already half way through. Between work, yoga TT, life and summertime fun, I feel like I haven’t had a second to stop and just be. But, I am not complaining. I am loving every minute of it. Yes, blogging has taken a bit of a back seat, but all is not lost! I really do want to write about yoga and what has been going on in my life, but the hour I have free, I try to be present instead of sitting with my computer open.

As part of the Teacher Training, we are required to attend three 3 hour classes a week, take over 60 yoga classes in the 8 week period and journal after each seminar and class. It is a lot!

Core Power Yoga Teacher TrainingWe are half way through the training and we have covered so much. From learning all the postures in a beginners C1 Core Power Yoga class, the adjustments and assists to Yoga Philosophy and Chakras. It is incredible how much I have already learned. I can not wait to have more time so I can spend more time on the topics I am really interested in and hopefully share with all of you!

I have to say, I am very thankful for yoga. I feel like while it has added a lot to my plate, it has also made me way more grounded and relaxed. In the past, if my life was this crazy busy I would be a total stressball and be really grumpy and uptight.  But I am really embracing every moment, enjoying each experience and focusing on what I can control.  It’s a nice feeling!


Work Travel Eats

A Traveling Bee Julia And Lily Ford 1

I just got back from a week away for work. I was out in Grand Rapids, Michigan for a trade show and brand conference. It was really pretty in Grand Rapids – I didn’t get out to explore too much but I did run outside a few days and it seems like a great place to raise families and be a part of a community. On Saturday morning I was out and about and there was a million events, races, fundraisers, etc… it was really fun to see the city come alive!

Grand Rapids has amazing food, wine, culture and art. There are a ton of museums, brewery’s, farm-to-table restaurants, and more. On previous trips I have been able to go explore the city and enjoy the food and wine a bit more. This trip I was super busy and barely left the hotel and convention center.

I ordered room service for breakfast to ensure I got a good healthy meal to start off my day. I have never done room service but it was super fun – I felt so special and fancy!!

Room Service Breakfast
My first time getting room service and it was amazing!! sorry the pic is a little blurry, but I had to share!

I ordered an egg white omelet with mushrooms, peppers and spinach, coffee, and toast. It came with a mini ketchup bottle and super yummy  mini jars of jam.

Lunch most days was terrible but I did manage to have one good meal which tasted so good and refreshing. I had an organic mixed green salad with salmon.

Salmon Salad

Now that I am home, I am really focusing on eating super clean! I have been feeling crappy lately so I am hoping that I can get back on track with my eats and start to feel better. I know I have been saying that a lot lately, but clearly it’s on my mind and I am trying hard to get back on track.

Homemade Dinner

A Traveling Bee Julia And Lily Ford

On another note, my crazy and super entertaining sisters are on an epic adventure across the country in a beat up old Corolla. You should follow their adventure on Instagram @atravelingbee – I guarantee you won’t regret it!

A Traveling Bee Julia And Lily Ford 1

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Easter 2015

I hope every one had a great holiday and a Happy Easter.

Both our families spend Holiday’s in Vermont so it’s fun to see and enjoy time with everyone but it requires Vinnie and I bouncing between the two families and eating multiple meals!

This Easter, we stayed up at my grandparents house to have an agnostic place where neither one of our families felt left out. It was nice to have our own place to go home to and not have to feel guilty about spending too much time with one side of the family  over the other.

On Easter morning, we had a family ski day! We had a big crew of people together! The weather was beautiful and the snow was surprising great!

Around noon, Vinnie and I rushed over to my aunts house for brunch. We ate salad and quiche, shot nurf guns, had an Easter egg hunt, and played wiffle ball. It was super fun and active!

We had to rush out after one inning of wiffle ball to get to Vinnie’s house for our first Easter dinner with his family. We had a delicious fresh ham, artichoke, potatoes and green beans.

I ate SO many jelly beans and chocolate, ALL DAY!

These were so fun to make!! Coconut with egg whites, melted chocolate with Cadbury eggs.

Around 7, we headed down to my aunt Wendy’s house for our second Easter dinner. There was so much delicious food I couldn’t help but eat again.

I ended up eating so much, I made myself sick. I think it was a combo of all the food, but also my IBS definitely flared up. I was in a lot of pain, was really flushed and had a skin rash appear on my arms and face. I think I am going to try to do the Elimination Diet or follow FODMAPs. Has anyone ever done either of these? I just really need to figure something out, because I can’t live with the pain and sickness.

All and all, it was an amazing weekend with family and friends.

IMG 0024 JPG


Sweat It Out

Happy Friday!

I have spent my week working hard, getting back on track and focusing on my diet and work outs. In general, I am pretty happy with where I landed.

Treadmill running
Treadmill running.. so over it.

The highlight was that I went for two runs outside and I wasn’t bundled up in a million layers. It was so nice to get my feet under me and really run. It honestly felt like I haven’t done that since the fall.

Running along the Charles in Boston
I finally got outside for a run along the Charles… the ice is starting to melt!
Another run outside ! I am not complaining… even if it is in the rain!

I also took a core power yoga class and I am pretty sure I almost melted! It was the hottest I have EVER been in a hot yoga class. My face was burning up, I was pouring sweat and I definitely got dizzy at points. It was super challenging, I struggled the entire way through, but I didn’t count down the minutes until it was over. It felt so good to sweat and be pushed to my limits. It’s crazy that a yoga class can do that!

So sweaty after Hot Yoga
So sweaty after Hot Yoga – this is in the locker room, after class!

My eats are so hard to photograph because I literally eat almost every meal at my desk at work and lets be honest, you can’t take good food photos like that. Regardless, I made an attempt!

IMG 0194 JPG
Chicken, Roasted Broccoli and Salad

Avocado Chicken Dinner

Almond Snacks while working away
Almond Snacks while working away
Giant Salad with chicken, cheese and lots of veggies
Giant Salad with chicken, cheese and lots of veggies

I feel much better at the end of this week than I have in a really long time. I was not 100% perfect, but I am not sure I will ever be. Now, the challenge is consistency and maintaining over the weekend. Typically, if I weigh myself on Friday and then Monday there is a good 5 pound variance. My goal for this weekend is to minimize this.

What are your weekend plans and goals?



Little Victories Are Important Too

Today I have a special treat! My sister, Julia, wrote a guest post. She is a professional ski racer who as had many accomplishments through out her career including racing at Sochi on the US Olympic Ski Team. However, every journey has it’s ups and downs and this year she is taking a new outlook on her career and goals. Tomorrow she kicks off her season with the first World Cup Downhill of the season at Lake Louise in Canada. Below she talks about her journey, game plan and goals.

I feel the excitement stirring in the depths of my stomach again. I haven’t felt it for a while, maybe years now. My vision was tunneled by one thing: win, win, win. With a singular focus I lost sight of why I was ski racing and where the joy actually lies. You may wonder, “Where is the joy, if it’s not in winning?”. Well, hang on to your hats ladies and gentlemen because I am about to blow your mind.

You Can Fly

First things first. Something you should know is I am one of the most competitive people on the planet. Whether you know me or not, believe me when I say, if someone says challenge or competition, my ears perk up like a hound who has caught the scent and I’m ready for the chase. It is a part of me. I have tried to tone it down but it is a monster that can’t be tamed, so now I openly embrace it. Actually, I have not so much embraced it as I have learned how to use it in a productive manner. And when I say I have learned, I mean I am learning. Everything is a process and some days are better than others which brings me back to my binoculars with ‘win’ written on the end.

In my competitive manner, I have had the outcome so pinpointed in my mind, I lost focus on the process. I wanted to be the fastest and the best right NOW! Which, ok, don’t we all? The problem with that is I didn’t buy into the process to get there. I would become so outraged, resentful, frustrated, or worse self pitying that my emotions controlled me. It took me away from what I could control like improving my skiing, staying focused on what I need to work on to get faster and NOT just going through the motions. So when things started to go array, which, it’s a long season, at some point they will, I couldn’t grasp how to make it stop. My mind was so weighted down by the fear of losing, of not qualifying, of failing, I couldn’t think clearly. I was Atlas holding the world on my shoulders. See what I mean…. the joy was gone.

Julia in her Timberlands

Worse, I was gone. Not literally but in the sense where I was becoming someone I didn’t want to be. I am a happy person! I enjoy competition for the game, the challenge, the fun of showing what I got. I forgot about that uncontrolled, all consuming excitement that we have when we are kids playing games. And isn’t that what skiing is, just a game? Yes, it is my career and the stakes are higher, but if we look at the chalk board and erase the rest of the math, aren’t we are left with x? When we do the same with all the bullshit that surrounds ski racing, we are left with the same; the simple fact is that ski racing is a game to be enjoyed.

So I come to this, if ski racing is not just about being focused on winning, then what it is the point? Winning is the goal but it is really just an outcome; a combination of one’s hard work, dedication, and defeating adversity. It is not the only thing we should strive for. What we should seek is improvement, overcoming obstacles, and putting your whole heart into something to see what you are truly capable of. I feel no greater joy than when I have fresh air in my face, and I make the perfect turn resulting in a a sudden rush of acceleration and adrenaline… Ah, it makes me giddy thinking about it! Those things are the markings of true success. The little victories need to be celebrated just as much because they are what help get you to the end goal.

In The Start Gate Copper Mtn

Please, don’t be misunderstood, I want to win. My goal is to kick everyone’s ass. I am just saying that this year I am choosing to focus on a the little victories along the way. Mainly, the fight to improve, the people on my team who believe in me, and the reason I pursued skiing to begin with, the unadulterated bliss and fire it lights in me. When I am so willing to put (literally) my blood, sweat, and tears into being the best possible athlete and version of myself I can be, that is victory. When I stand at the end of my season, my career, my life, winning will be standing tall and being able to say ‘I gave it everything I had.’  And no matter what ‘everything I have’ entails I will have used all the talent and work ethic I possess and that is all I can do.

Create Your Own Path In The Snow

I remember my first trip to Chile with the World Cup team. My body felt as though it was carbonated. I sat on the plane and bubbled over with excitement. Somewhere along the way, through the roller coaster of success, failure, injury, and management, I lost sight of that kid who sat on that airplane so thrilled to ski with the best in the world, to learn, to go fast, and to just ski. I have said many times, ‘I just want to ski.’ And this year, that is what I will do. Win or lose, I am going to ski my heart out!

Speed Racing

Want more? Follow Julia all winter long:

Facebook: Julia Ford

I will also be having her post updates here on my blog so check back frequently.

Gifts that Give Back

I am back from my work trip to NY. I took the train down early Monday morning and ran around the city for two days going to several meetings and appointments.

New York City from Amtrak Train

I did manage to fit in some shopping and a manicure. My nails needed some serious love so I stopped by my favorite NY spot and got my nails done. I never used to be one do pamper myself but since the wedding I have to say I am a sucker for a good manicure. There is something about having your hands and nails ‘polished’.

Macys Wish Big 2014 Campaign

I always like to stop into Macy’s Herald Square because it is just so giant and vast. The store was decorated with tons of Christmas décor and there were tons of people shopping! I actually find this store very overwhelming and I don’t like to spend too much time in it but it is always fun people watch. Macy’s is doing a really cool campaign this Holiday season. They trying to break the Guinness World Record for the longest wish list to Santa and for every letter Macy’s receives, they will donate a $1 to Make-A-Wish. [How long do you think the Wish List has to be to break the Guinness World Record?!] I think this is such an amazing idea and encourages people to help give back and have fun while doing it. Go now, write a letter to Santa!

They say people are the happiest when they give back and/or do something for others and I really believe that is true. I got so excited by this campaign and overjoyed that I could contribute to Make-A-Wish by simply writing a Wish List to Santa. It got me thinking about other gifts that give back. I did a little research and found some really cool ideas if you are looking to make a difference this holiday season.

Gifts That Give Back

Gifts that Give Back*:

  • Foster an Elephant [how freaken cool!] – $50 to Shledrick WildLife Trust and you can help raise a calf who lost his mother to the ivy trade and bring her back into the wild.
  • Help Get Kids Active: Give to and help provide programs that teach sports, goal setting to children all over the country.
  • Send a sick kid to Summer Camp: The Serious Fun Network runs programs for ill kids. Donating $29 purchases the supplies she needs to swim, fish, craft and more.
  • Prevent Sexual Assault: 1 in 5 college women is assaulted; $25 to teaches over 1,000 students about awareness and prevention.
  • Birthday Gifts for Everyone: Purchase the GiveNow charity gift card for someone and you choose the value of the cards; your recipient chooses the charity; their charity receives a donation—everyone wins.

One last thing… if you follow me on Twitter you may already know this but I want to say it again anyway! We stay pretty close to Time Square and after dinner on Monday I went out to grab a giant bottle of water because I am crazy about staying hydrated and I heard what live music down a few blocks so I walked towards it. As I got closer I was like, that sounds like a cover to U2 song, and then I quickly realized it was a live concert in Times Square. The RED #onestope4RED concert put on by U2, no less! Apparently they announced it 45 minutes before they went on stage. I literally stumbled upon the tailend and watched Bruce Springsteen play with U2. It was so cool! NYC is so exciting, you never know what you are going to get!




What charities do you like to support? 



*I got a lot of these ideas from the December issue of Glamour Magazine.


I had a great weekend!

On Friday, I was sitting at my computer trying to think about what we should do after work and decided to look up tickets to Hunger Games: Mockingjay. I assumed the movie was going to be sold out but to my surprise they had 2 seats left! The AMC Theatre at Assembly Row is our favorite theatre and really the only place we ever go. You can buy adult drinks, ‘real’ food and the seats are really comfy. But the best part is they have assigned seating, so when you buy your ticket you also pick your seats which is super nice because you don’t have to worry about getting to the movies early for a good seat. With all that being said, we were able to get tickets and good seats for the Friday showing. I loved the movie. Katniss is a powerful and inspiring heroin. The strength and passion is captivating. And then there’s the love triangle… Liam Hemsworth Gale is a total stud but I am #teampeeta. Katniss and Peeta are just meant to be!

On Saturday we prepped for Friendsgiving. We had 10 of our closest friends over to give thanks and celebrate our friendship. It was the first time we have hosted that many people and we took advantage of all our fabulous wedding gifts. It was a team effort to pull it off, everyone brought a side dish and we had plenty of beer and wine!

I cooked the turkey, made the stuffing, cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes.

Basting The Turkey

Vinnie helped with all of it too! He really shined when it came to making the gravy and carving up the bird.

Cutting The Turkey

Kara came!

Me And Kara

She brought delicious brussel sprouts with pecans, gorgonzola and cranberries.


The whole spread of delicious food!

Thanksgiving Dinner Spread

Plate Of Food Kara

Everyone ate until they sufficiently satisfied and full. We did not go hungry! And, our fridge is full of leftovers. We will be eating turkey dinner until the actual turkey dinner feast on Thursday.

Day After Fridge

I happily over ate and drank at Friendsgiving. I was moving slow on Sunday and had a foggy head for a good part of the day! But, that happens when you having a good time! Going into the weekend, I had plans to go for two long runs because as part of the Pile on the Miles challenge I want to get 100 miles in by the end of November. I am falling a bit short, but the month is not over. 

8 Mile RunI did manage to get one 8  mile run in. It felt great to get outside and feel the cold air against my face. Sunday was so warm, I really should of gone out for a run, but the Pats game really interfered. It happens!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Friendsgiving made me really excited to see my family and for the Holiday season to really kick off.