Finally Friday

I am so happy it is Friday and a long weekend! We are heading up to Vermont for a wedding and then I am running the Tufts 10k on Monday with my mom, aunt and lots of amazing women. It will be so nice to have some extra time with family and friends.

I am a little nervous about the Tufts 10k. I have not been running much at all and when I do, it is very slow and steady. However, I did manage to get an evening run on Wednesday which was so nice. I have found that I literally need to change into my workout clothes before picking up Emerson from Daycare. That way, once we get home, I just grab the stroller and we run. If I go into the house, I will never leave. I have to be dressed and go. You gotta do what you gotta do!Strong As A Mother

On another note, I have made 3 of the 10 recipes I posted on Tuesday. The Cinnamon Apple Quinoa was really good. Adding the cinnamon made a huge difference. I modified it a little and will definitely be making it several times this fall. The Apple Baked Oatmeal was ok, not great. I love oat bakes but this one is not a favorite. I also made the Applesauce in my slow cooker. It was so easy and so easy and so good! The best part is now I have applesauce to use in my healthy baking!  I still have so many apples! I am going to try to make the Pumpkin Apple Muffins this weekend because those look so good. Apple Foods All Week

My food for work has literally been everything apple. Today it is the Apple Oat Bake topped with yogurt and a drizzle of peanut butter. Lunch is a bed of lettuce and arugula with the apple walnut quinoa and chicken sausage with an apple for dessert.

It’s safe to say I might be sick of apples soon!

I hope you all have a great weekend!!! Can’t wait to read all about them!

Tufts 10k 2016

For the second year in a row I ran the Tufts 10k road race for woman. My mom, my aunt and a group of our girl friends from Vermont are making it a tradition. It’s so fun, we make it into a little girls trip, if you will. They all get a hotel room and after the race explore restaurants and around Boston. I always run, but have called it quits before the drinking and eating really gets going.

This year the weather was perfect! It actually felt a little cold and windy but once we started running it was plenty warm. Tufts 10 K 2016

The race starts at noon which is so nice ’cause you can have a relaxing morning and slowly make your way to the start.

My goal for the race was to finish. I thought if I could run around a 8:30 minute mile, and walk if it got too hard, I’d be happy.  I know that seems kind of silly but since having Emerson I really have not been able to run like I used to. I fit in some quick 3-4 mile runs, here and there, but I am not nearly in the kind of shape I typically am.

Tufts 10 K 2016

I ended up running exactly an 8 minute mile and finishing without having to walk at all. I felt good but it was super hard. I had to practice positive self talk! At mile 3, I was like, “okay, you’re half way, you can do 3 more miles!” By the end my butt and hamstrings were on fire. I pushed myself the last mile and when I crossed the finished I felt almost as fatigued as when I ran a marathon. My legs were weak and my body was exhausted.

Tufts 10 K 2016 results

Knowing I would see these two once I crossed the finish line motivated me to keep going! I mean, seriously, does it get any better than that. {maybe next year I will run with Emerson in the stroller…}

Tufts 10k

On a similar note, I was so proud of my mom today. She ran the race and finished in 1:04 averaging a 10:20 minute mile. Up until the last minute she was debating whether she should run or walk. Earlier in the summer she set out to run the race and started on a make-shift training program but then I asked her to help watch Emerson when I went back to work and totally cut into any free time she may have had to train (and she hurt her hammy too). Feeling unprepared to run, she was going to walk with my aunt. Luckily we convinced her just to try and run… see how far you can go, and then walk. Well, she ran the whole thing and finished with an amazing time!

Tufts 10k
Mom and me at the finish with our #1 cheerleader, Emerson!

Another woman in our group finished 2nd in her age group! She makes me want to train for the race next year!

And everyone else had a great time, including me. It was my first race back and it felt great to be back out pounding the pavement with so many others.

Tufts 10k - the Vermont crew

This race is so inspiring! There are so many incredible women out on the course sweating together, sharing memories together and working hard together. I look forward to doing it again next year!



A Surprise 60th and Weekly Workouts [9.30.15]

It’s Monday already?? This weekend we traveled down to NYC to surprise Vinnie’s aunt for her 60th birthday party. It was a total success, she was completely surprised. We all hide outside and when she walked up to the house we jumped out and said surprise. It was perfect! And then, the Italian fiesta ensued… There was endless amounts of food and drink, overwhelming love and a late night poker game.

Birthday Cake

Italian Cousins

Kathy Making A Birthday Wish

I didn’t take a ton of pictures because I was trying to be in the moment. I have not spent a ton of time in NY with Vinnie’s aunts and cousins. They typically come up to Vermont. It was so fun to see them in their element, so comfortable, loving, happy and together. I feel very honored and privileged to be welcomed with such open arms into their family.

Because of work and traveling this weekend, I didn’t work out as much as I wanted to this week, below is the weekly recap.

Weekly Workout Recap 

Monday: Tone It Up Insane Cardio routine

Tuesday: AM: 4.5 mile run, PM: 1 hour C2 yoga class and some ab and shoulder toning via Tone It Up

Wednesday: 30 minute treadmil run, booty toning

Thursday: 1 hour vinyasa yoga

Friday: 4 mile run, booty toning

Saturday: rest

Sunday: rest

Last week, I wanted to run 3-4 times and practice yoga 2-3 times and I accomplished that! It’s funny because I still feel like I didn’t work out enough. But, it’s nice to look back and realize I accomplished what I set out to. It’s a good reminder to celebrate the small victories and not always look at the negative.

My goals for this week are the same as last week,  run 3-4 times and practice yoga 2-3 times. This week, I also want to include toning exercises 2-3 times.

What are your goals for the week? Did you get all the workouts in you wanted to last week?

Fit For Fall

Today kicks off the Tone It Up Fit for Fall challenge. It is weekly workouts motivational tips and a great community of people to support you as you eat right and get healthy. I’m signed up! Is anybody else doing it?

This Fall, they are doing a Charity Challenge where you run 100 (or 150 miles) by the end of the Fall. By logging your miles through the Charity Miles app, companies and organizations make a donation to a charity of your choose. It is really cool! I have already run 20 miles towards my goal.

This weekend I went for a nice run along the Charles River. It felt so good, I felt like I could of run forever. I haven’t felt that way in a long time.

Sunday Runday

Vinnie came and met me while I was running and biked with me until the end! Sunday Runday

This weekend went by super quick but it was super fun. On Sunday, I taught a community yoga class at the Core Power studio. It is a free class that we they put on for us as new teachers to practice teachers. I taught a section of the sequence we are learning and it was super exhilarating, nerve-racking, and fulfilling. I practiced all week to memorize my cues in the sequence to make sure that I would do a great job. And once I got up there in front of the students I forgot everything. I definitely made mistakes, mistakes that were silly and I know better but I lost track of where I was and would engage breath the wrong way. But it was still really fun. I was a little disappointed because I worked so hard in practice and I thought I would do a better job but I’ve made some great progress from where I was.

Sunday Football Patriots

After class I rushed to my grandparents house to watch the last couple minutes of the patriots game. Next weekend is my last weekend of having yoga commitments so I’m excited to really be able to watch the games with them. I’m really sad to have yoga training ends. I need to figure out what I want to do next.

Lunch on the roof
Weekend lunch on the roof!

I am still working on the first phase of the Elimination Diet. I have been pretty good but had a few cheat days where I had gluten or diary. I think a lot of the food is out of my system, but I want to give it one more week of me being really really good and then I will start to add each food group back in, one at a time.

What are some highlights from your weekend? Any good runs, yoga, football…?

September 1 and I am Back

I hope that everyone has had an incredible summer. I can not believe it is already September. With a new month, comes new goals and I really want to get back into blogging and writing. To start, I wanted to share pictures from my summer. It has been a whirlwind but it is all so worth it! 

Summer nights on the roof deck.Sunset On The Roof Deck

IMG 0834 PNG

I have been doing lots of traveling for work. But, that means I get to run my favorite loop around the reservoir in Central Park! Running Around Central Park

Traveling means lots of eating out at restaurants, in airports or on trains. I try hard to eat well but it’s not always easy. The below breakfast was a gold star and super good. Maple Hill Creamery yogurt which is organic and made strictly from grass-fed cows (you can absolutely taste the difference), topped with Purely Elizabeth granola and Dang Coconut Chips which are like candy. This organic combo was a win and worth repeating, over and over again. Healthy Snacks When Traveling

We have not gotten to the beach or Vermont as much as we would like because I have been busy getting my Yoga Teaching Certificate. I had class every weekend… but it was SO worth it. And, it made us really enjoy the time we did get to spend outside enjoying the beautiful New England weather.

Summer Days At The Beach

Walking In Vermont

Delicious Vermont farm-to-table dinners!

Farm To Table Food

IMG 0838 JPG

Long Days on the lake enjoying the sunshine and playing on our SUP boards.

Drinking On The Boat

SUP On Lake RescueBeach BoardwalksViews Of The Bunker Hill Monument

IMG 1033 JPG

IMG 1095 JPG

As I mentioned, I have spend most of my summer in the CorePower Yoga studio working to receive my 200hour Yoga Teacher Certification. It has consumed most of our weekends but it was so worth it. I enjoyed every second and now I am officially a YOGA TEACHER!

Core Power Yoga Medford

Yoga Certification

IMG 1109 JPG

Vinnie has been so supportive and incredibly patient with me all summer as I have juggled all the crazy things I get myself into!

IMG 0860 JPG

Now that yoga is wrapping up. I have taken a bit of a break this summer and focused on yoga but it is time to step up my running game. If for no other reason than the number on the scale has crept up and it needs to go back down! 7 Mile Run

I have not been doing a lot of cooking or baking, but I attempted this Zucchini Bread (and made muffins too). I left out the nuts and raisins and it still turned out ok!Zucchini Muffins And Bread

The first sign of fall. It is sad but I do love wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, looking at the foliage and eating apples and pumpkin all day, every day!

First Signs Of Fall

How has your summer been!?

Spring has Sprung

This past weekend we finally saw the first signs of Spring here in Boston.  Sunday was incredibly nice!! I went for a run and could not stop taking pictures, smiling and enjoying  the spring air. I ended up running an extra 3.5 miles because I was having so much fun!

The Charles River was full of  sail boats, the park was full of kids playing soccer and the walking path had rows of people walking, running and biking.

All this nice weather makes me excited to get outside and energized to exercise. I have been looking for that extra push to get in shape and work out. The nice weather is helping and I plan riding this wave as long as I can!

IMG 0588 JPG

IMG 0596 JPG
yoga under the blooming tree!

IMG 0592 JPG IMG 0591 JPG

IMG 0606 0 JPG

Strawberry Banana Coconut Smoothie

This smoothie was so good and so easy to make. I may of had two!

Coconut Strawberry Banana Smoothie

1 cup of strawberries

1 banana

1 scoop protein powder

1/2 cup unsweetened coconut almond milk
1 cup of water

Put in your blender and mix until it is all blended together and smooth.

view of the Zakim Bridge
Beautiful view of the Zakim Bridge


New Bedford Half Marathon

I ran the New Bedford Half Marathon this weekend.

New Bedford Half Marathon BibI have to admit I did not do the training plan that I had intended but I felt as if I had signed up so I had to do it. I also didn’t have the best couple days leading up to the race but that’s neither here or there because I did it and survived!

The Saturday before the race I was skiing all day and up late at a friends 30th birthday party so Sunday morning called for a lot of pre-race energy snacks and nutrition. I ate the Luna Bar and the Vega hydration mixture on my drive to the race, had the Clif gel shot right before the start and snacked on the Shot Bloks through out the entire race.  It worked! My energy was strong the entire race.

Pre Race Food

The race started at 11 AM which was awesome and makes for kind of a normal morning. You don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn in order to get there. I was able to have a relaxing morning and get some sleep.

New Bedford Half Marathon Start

The race started promptly at 11 AM everyone was lined up and ready to go! The first 2 miles are pretty flat as you’re working your way out of the city.

At Miles 2 – 4, there are a few hilly rolls with one last big climb as you approach mile marker 4.

Miles 4 – 7 are pretty much all downhill as you weave through the neighborhoods.

new Bedford Half Marathon Course New Bedford Half Marathon Course

Mile 7 – 12 are very flat and beautiful as you run along the water. We were fortunate enough to have an amazing tailwind for miles 7 – 10 but at mile 10 we turned to head back towards the city and hit a serious headwind. And pretty much for the next 3 miles we battled with the wind to the finish.

At mile 12 there is one last climb to the finish. It’s about 100 feet of an elevation change but it’s the end of the race and you’re feeling pretty tired so this was a bit of a struggle. Someone told me before the race that once you see KFC you’re in the homestretch to the finish and she was absolutely right. Once you get to the top of the hill there’s a stretch of a few fast food restaurants and KFC’s right on the corner before you turn right and head downhill for the last 1/4 mile into the finish. I was so excited to see the finish line. I felt strong the whole time but the wind and final hill really hurt me and I was ready to be done.

New Bedford Half Marathon Results

I ended up running a 1:38:01 which I was siked about. My goal was to get under 1:40. My average pace was 7:29 which was perfect! I tend to run my training runs at 7:45 min/miles so to race at a 7:29 pace meant I was pushing myself.

Overall, I was really happy with my race especially for how little I trained and how unprepared I felt. It was my first time doing a half marathon (although I have done 3 marathons…) and I really liked this distance. I felt like I could really work hard for that amount of time and not have to pace myself so much like I do for marathon. However, when I crossed the finish line I felt just as sore as I do after a marathon. My hamstrings and my hip flexors were super tight and I was exhausted!

Good thing we had clam chowder, fish sandwiches and banana’s to consume for a post-race meal! I ate it ALL…

I was at the race alone so I didn’t hang around too long afterwards. I was sore, tired and felt a bit like a loner so I wanted to get home and on the couch. I relaxed and lounged hte rest of the afternoon. Around 5pm I was starving and way too lazy to cook anything so I hobbled over to Whole Foods hot bar and grabbed some dinner. I brought it home and ate with my medal and bib! 🙂

New Bedford Half Marathon Dinner

The New Bedford Half Marathon was a great race and very well organized. I really enjoyed entire experience! It has made me want to sign up for more half marathons races. There is something really fun about race day and the thrill of the competition that you just don’t get on a regular ol’ run!


Vermont Weekends

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I am surprised how much the time change has effected me. I am super sluggish today, but looking forward to the daylight when I leave work tonight!

Vinnie and I went up to Vermont this weekend. We spent time with family, skied a lot and ate great food!

I am running the New Bedford Half Marathon this coming Sunday (EEEKK). I feel so unprepared, but I am hoping for the best. I did manage to get a good 6 mile run in on the snowy dirt roads of Vermont. I have to say it was actually not that bad compared to what I have been dealing with in Boston this winter!  long run in after skiing all day

Vinnie’s mom makes amazing pizza and Saturday night she did not disappoint! She makes everything from scratch including the dough and the red sauce. It was super good! I never go hungry when we are in Vermont 🙂

Dinapoli dinner and pizza night

On Sunday, Vinnie and I dragged ourselves out of bed, bright and early (especially with the time change) and skied all day. Vinnie’s sister, Kelly, was racing so we watched her and skied around all day.
Volkl and Fisher Skis - okemo mountain

The snow was awesome! It was nice to rip some turns – I feel like I haven’t taken advantage of all the great snow this winter. We have been trapped in Boston, unable to travel anywhere because we were too scared of losing our parking spot! #truestory

Skiing at Okemo Skiing at Okemo

Sunday afternoon we turned on NECN and my cousin’s hockey team was on TV! They were playing in the Hockey East Championship game against Boston College and they WON! It was so cool to watch her on live TV. That’s my cousin holding the giant trophy over her head!

BU Womens Wins Hockey East Title

This week is going to be busy! My sister, Julia, flies into town tonight. Vinnie’s family is coming to visit and it’s restaurant week so we are going to try to take advantage of that. I am determined to fit in all my workouts including some runs so I feel ready for Sunday’s race… we will see how that goes!!

How was your weekend?
What are your plans this week?


A Weekend in Boston

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Mine was way busier than I intended but I got a lot of things done which is always a good thing. During the week, I seem to never be able to get things done at home (or on the blog) because I am at work wayyy too late and I focus my time and energy on working out and preparing for the next day at the office. This weekend I got some family time and great long runs in; I also cleaned the house, did laundry and organized the kitchen.

Friday night I didn’t think I stayed at the office that late, but clearly I did because I was the last car in the parking lot. Literally, the only car in the lot. Pretty crazy!Work-aholic - last one in the parking lot on Friday night

Working late on a Friday called for a lazy evening watching TV, drinking red wine and eating popcorn. It was glorious!
Friday night popcorn and wine

Saturday I woke up and forced myself to get outside and do  my long run. It was freezing, snowy and so difficult. I had to search for clear sidewalks and safe roads. A lot of my normal route looked like the below picture and the neighborhood roads are way too dangerous because the snow banks are so high cars can’t see you.

Snowy bike path

I battled through the run and was able to get in 11.3 miles. I was supposed to run 13, but the tough conditions made me run a lot slower, my body was cold and tired and to be honest, I had had enough.

Long run in the snow and cold

After my run, I hustled change and get in the car to go up to UNH and watch my sister lacrosse game. Can you believe they are playing lacrosse outside right now? There is SO much snow

UNH Womens Lacrosse Game

Are you sick of seeing all the snow in my pictures??I am! Imagine living in it….

Sunday I had a busy day.

I woke up and met a friend at Exhale for a Core Fusion Barre class that I scheduled through Class Pass. It was a great class, my body was very sore immediately after. I had to sit on the couch for a little while to regain my energy!

Once I got off the couch I managed to clean A LOT, grocery shop, meal prep and get another run in. It was a balmy 40 degrees which felt so warm… I can not wait for spring.

Sunday Runday

On my run, I ran by the train tracks and check it out… there was a mob of Boston workers clearing the MBTA tracks of all the snow. If you haven’t heard, Boston is having wicked issues with all the snow and public transportation has been completely derailed. It has effected a lot of people and made it incredibly difficult for people to get to work. It was nice to see them working hard to fix the problems. Now if only the snow would just melt.

Boston workers cleaning snow off the mbta tracks

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?  I want to hear about it!

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Running, Class Pass, Beats and Fitbit

I have some random thoughts that I just want to throw out there today!

snowy boston

I have mentioned it a lot recently but I am sucking so bad at my half marathon training. Clearly it is really bothering me because it is uncharacteristic. I have done 3 marathons, and each time I stuck very close to the training plan.  I have actually never done a half marathon and I think because of the shorter distance, I don’t feel the need to run as much… which is crazy because I was hoping for a good time. The combination of the snow and the cold have just made me so unmotivated to get outside and run. Not to mention, it’s pretty dangerous and challenging. I’ve been doing like small quick runs on the treadmill but the long runs are so hard. I have been super busy on the weekends with skiing, having people visit and traveling it’s been hard to get out and go for a two hour long run. I mean these are all excuses and reasons why I shouldn’t be running but what it comes down to is I just need to put my clothes on and get out the door. I have about four weeks to get ready for this run and all the weekends seem like they’re very busy so I need to make a game plan. Any ideas!?

Stretching after a work out

Class Pass is running a special promotion (it ends today, Friday) for new members and I took advantage. It is $99 for the first TWO months (it’s usually $99 a month). I am hoping by signing up and having the option to take classes all around Boston will help to offset the fact that I am not running as much as usual.

I always lose my headphones. Literally always I don’t buy nice ones because I lose them with in a week. But for Christmas I asked my mom for headphones and she got me very nice Beats headphones.  I had been doing a pretty good job of not losing them – I mean, what, it’s almost end of February and I haven’t lost them yet! But I did spend all morning searching for my headphones. I knew they weren’t far because I had made a point to only use them to workout so they would stay either in my work out bag or in the basket with all my work out stuff by my door. They weren’t in either place and then I realize they were in a different bag because of the snowstorm I had to put a backpack on in order to get to the gym blah blah blah… Long story …I found them.

Fitbit band

For my birthday Vinnie got me a Fitbit. I have been wanting one for so long! This is my first week using it and so far so good. It’s been really interesting to look at my data and dashboard. I barely meet the 10,000 step target which I found pretty surprising especially because I workout every morning. I guess sitting at a desk all day really does do a number to your activity level. In only a few days, the Fitbit has helped me realize I need to make an effort to move more during the day.Sleep Report From FitBit

My favorite part of the Fitbit is the sleep tracking function. It monitors the hours I sleep, how much I am awake and how long I am restless. It’s a pretty cool feature and something I have always been curious about.

The only thing I was bummed about was that there’s like all the extra programs and analysis of like your steps and your energy and how you sleep is premium and cost $50 a year which stinks. I haven’t had enough time to play around with the Fitbit to see if it’s worth it but my initial reaction is I paid a lot for the gadget, I don’t want to have to pay an annual fee for additional features.

What have you been loving lately? How have you been managing with all this crazy winter weather?