Body Burn by Ray

This weekend I went to Body Burn by Ray. It was my first real group fitness class I have attended since having Emerson. I left feeling energized, excited and reminded of why I love to work out. Since having Emerson my life has changed, for the better, but it’s been hard to balance all the things that I used to love to do. For instance, fitness and working out have fallen to the wayside due to taking care of Emerson, working (you got to pay the bills) and quite frankly, simply being exhausted leaves me less motivated. But at BodyBurn I was reminded of why I love working out and why I have made it a priority in my life for so long. It’s refreshing and exciting! I hope I can take this feeling and use it to motivate me to prioritize working out either by waking up a little earlier or to squeeze in something for 20 minutes at the end of the day instead of sitting on the couch.

Body Burn by Ray

So let me tell you a little bit about Body Burn. It’s a cardio, strength workout in a Tabata type format in a club-like setting. The lights are dimmed (ie: the sub-par photos) and the music is loud which really helps allow you to focus on your workout and not compare yourself to anyone else in the class. The workout format is comparable to Orange Theory or Barry’s Boot Camp except the cardio machines are all different and the group aspect is during the strength. The class is a total of 48 minutes, there are 12 cardio machines and you use each one for twice before moving on to the next machine. In between each cardio you do a 40 second strength exercise. Every day they focus on a different body part for the strength segment. So, on Monday they might focus on abs, on Tuesday arms/upper body, Wednesday legs/lower body, etc. The workouts are planned out months in advance and are strategically designed to maximize muscle building and fat burning.

Body Burn by Ray strength

As a newbie to the class everyone was incredibly helpful and supportive they took the time to explain some of the cardio equipment before I got on it even if it meant cutting into one of their own 40 second cardio blocks. All the cardio equipment is motorless so you have to propel them forward, making the workout as hard (or as easy) as you want it to be. By far the hardest, and coolest, machine was the treadwall. Its a moving rock wall you climb! It was awkward at first but once I got the hang of it really fun!

Img 5021
Body Burn by Ray cardio machines

Ray, the owner and creator, taught the class. You can tell by his energy and attitude that he is extremely passionate and dedicated to bringing health and fitness to every body that walks through the doors. I really enjoyed the entire workout and experience and plan on going back as much as I can. They are located in Belmont which is a little tough for me to get to all the time, but the workout is worth the effort of getting there. I hope to go back soon!

Body Burn by Ray


My first Pilates session!

*Say hi to Kara! Today Kara is sharing her first experience with Pilates. I have never done a Pilates class on the reformer but I am very intrigued after hearing about Kara’s session! 

Hi everyone or rather as Mattie put it, hello world!
I’m Kara. I moved to Boston on a whim from Vermont and fell in love with the city. I have been in Boston for almost 4 years now, have been a personal trainer for 5 years and have been a trainer at Equinox on Franklin Street since I moved here. I dabble in fitness modeling too, which is so fun! I love all things fitness and I love to cook and bake.

I’ve known Mattie for over a decade and I am so excited to join her blog and to be able to share health and fitness with everyone! Stay tuned for some great workouts, recipes, stories, motivations and just some all out fun and exciting journeys that life takes us on. I can’t wait to hear all about yours!

I recently did my very first Pilates session which is unheard of! I have never been a fan of Pilates as I thought it wasn’t a real workout because you don’t really sweat, but boy was I wrong.

I am the kind of gal that loves to lift heavy, sweat and to work to the point of total body exhaustion, like in Crossfit, but that all had to be put on hold because I had hip surgery in January, which meant I didn’t do much working out for 3 months, which meant I didn’t do ANY core work, which means now I am paying for it.

I am 10 months post-surgery and still can’t workout the way I want but I am slowly getting there. One of the things holding me back is the strength of my core to stabilize my hips, which are still very weak.I told the instructor Megan that I thought my pelvic floor was a tad weak. Little did I know, that was a huge understatement! Pilates focuses on exactly what I need in order to return to the level of activity I desperately want.

The class was super challenging and made me hurt so good which I have been desperately wanting. We ran through a bunch of Pilates moves. We started with me laying on my back pulling in my abs. Megan told me to pull them in more, suck them up and in…I was like, “really, you want me to do more??” Somehow I managed to do it but it was hard! To add more torment to my body, she had me lower my legs to the table while continuing to draw my abs up and in. My body had never done so much shaking. My abs, quads and butt were on fire here!

Pilates Leg Raises |

Then I get on the reformer for some footwork and had to keep my knees close to engage my inner thighs, pull my toes up and press into the bar…I learned I have no inner thigh strength either.

Pilates Reformer |

I was working muscles that I didn’t know existed! Moving plank (long stretch), anyone?

Pilates Moving Plank |

Oh hey, a Pilates chair. An assisted step up should be easy, right? Wrong! Don’t let the smile fool you!

Pilates Workout |

At the end of the hour, I hadn’t sweat at all but the burn in all the muscles that I’ve never properly worked before made me a believer in Pilates. I am proud to say I will never scoff at this practice again and I will be doing much more. It is a great compliment to any exercise you do, whether it’s heavy lifting, running, yoga, spin, or any other activity.

🙂 Kara