Thanksgiving 2016 and the Killington FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup

As with most years, we spent Thanksgiving in Vermont with lots of family. I honestly didn’t take many pictures as I was trying to be present and enjoy the time with each other. Although we did eat multiple Thanksgiving meals…

Thanksgiving 2016

On Tuesday before Thanksgiving Vinnie and I hosted my family and our apartment because it was the only day all of us would be together. Julia flew out on Wednesday to go ski in Europe.

Ford Family Photo Thanksgiving 2016

On Wednesday we drove to Vermont.

On Thursday we ate Thanksgiving with Vinnie’s family and then walk down the hill to my aunts house and had another Thanksgiving with my side of the family.

On Friday we vegged and ate leftovers.

On Saturday and Sunday we went to Killington and watch the F I S World Cup for alpine women’s ski racing. This was a huge moment in Vermont and New England ski racing. So many people showed up to cheer on the best in the world and it was incredibly exciting to be there and a part of the historic event.  Over the two days of the event, there were over 30,000 spectators in attendance.  That’s incredible!

There were mobs of people walking up the access rode to watch the race.

Killington World Cup 2016

The spectators piled in. No one cared about the cold, rain, fog or snow. They were all there to cheer on the ski racers and take in the moment.Killington World Cup 2016

We brought Emerson along for all the fun. She was such a trooper. She brave the crowds, the noise, and the weather like a champ.

My brother hooked us up with VIP tickets so I was able to bring Emerson out of the crowds and into the warmth much easier. I still had to nurse her in public because there was no privacy to be found. Emerson was very distracted by all the commotion!

Img 5225

Killington World Cup 2016

It was a great weekend with so much family time. It made it really hard to go back to work but it’s also nice to get back into a routine. This holiday season is going to be busy with lots of holiday parties and celebrations. This weekend definitely a great kick off!

How was your Thanksgiving weekend?

Thanksgiving 2014

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and shared amazing memories with your family and friends. We woke up to a winter wonderland!


The day started with a very fun and casual Turkey Trot. It is all about being with friend and family. There is no entry fee, no official timer, you just need to bring a toy for a local family.

Turkey Trot Gifts


It was a beautiful, snowy Vermont day! People walk, jog, run and chat! It is more about being together and sharing memories, and less about who crosses the finish line first.


After the Turkey Trot, we came home, drank hot cocoa by the fire, while the turkey was being prepped in the kitchen.

Friends GIff

This Thanksgiving, my sisters and brother are out in Colorado together. I missed them a lot but they keep sending amazing pictures and it looks like they had a great day. I need to take photography lessons from Lily and Julia!


It was a great day of giving thanks and spending time with all the generations of family – from great grandfather to great grandson.

Woodie And Coltn

At the end of the day, this is how I felt:

REgina Giff

For some extra Thanksgiving fun, check out #thanksgivingdancewars on instagram. Maria Menounos, Julianne Hough and Kate Hudson made some really fun family dance videos.

How did you spend your Thanksgiving!?