Tufts 10K and a Busy Week

You guys! I have the busiest week. I haven’t had a week like this in so long.
Thank goodness I didn’t have to work on Monday but I did run the Tufts 10K for Women! Pre-baby, I ran all. the. time. and was in super good shape. Now I am lucky if I get in a 3-4 mile run a couple times a month. Needless to say, I wasn’t trying to win the race! I was still surprised with how hard the 10k was. Around mile 3 I was huffing and puffing but I refused to stop. And I didn’t! I finished with a time of 51:43 and 8:20 min/miles. Honestly, I was happy with that. To me, the Tufts 10k is so much more about the event, the women, doing it with my mom and friends and getting out a running. Maybe one day I will get my speed back but until then I am siked with a finish.

Tufts 10k 2017
I had just seen Emerson and my dad as I was starting the race!

The rest of the week is crazy busy. I have to leave the house before 7 all week, which never happens. That means, Vinnie is on daddy duty full-time.
Today I am at a photo-shoot and will not get home until after Emerson’s bedtime [tear]. Tomorrow I have meetings all day and then the USSA Gala at night to help raise money for the US Ski Team which means I will also miss bedtime.
Friday I agreed to sub a yoga class at 6:15am which is going to be serious jult to my system and make it so I won’t see Emerson in the morning. I am going to need some serious cuddles come Friday night!

Luckily, with such a crazy week, this past weekend was nice and relaxing. We went up to Vermont for a wedding, saw all 4 grandparents and celebrated my dad’s birthday. We to go to Vermont all the time but we have not been in a really long time so it was nice to get up there and enjoy the mountains, foliage and quiet.Fall Wedding in Vermont

Fall Wedding in Vermont

This coming weekend we are heading back up to Vermont for some more family-time, Gala’s and fun. Twice in two weeks, woo-wee!

Last thing…I really want to fit in some workouts but I just don’t know if it possible. I hate not working out. I always feel better getting in something quick even if it’s just a quick 10 min video to get my body moving and sweat a little. But, this week, I am letting it go. I have too much going on. If I fit something in, great! If not, I will pick it back up next week.

I hope your week is off to a good start! I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday.

4th of July Weekend 

For the 4th, we headed up to Vermont to spend time with family and take advantage of the beautiful lake and mountains. We spent the days outside, soaking in the vitamin D!

I did a pretty good job of following my own tips for staying healthy on the 4th of July. I enjoyed myself but didn’t overdo it too much! I went on long walks or ran every day which was a huge accomplishment! However, I am on a serious kick to get back in shape, clean up my diet and feel better about myself because things have gotten a little out of control…

4th of july lake rescue ludlow vt

It was Emerson’s first time on a boat. She did great, except really wanted to run around, which just isn’t possible!

4th of july ludlow vt
Every July 3rd, the locals put on a firework show on the lake. We all go out on the boats and watch the show from the water. It is such a fun tradition.

4th of july ludlow vt

My mom and Emerson had matching shirts on. My mom was super excited!

4th of july ludlow vt

Vinnie and I met up with some friends and went strawberry picking. Emerson LOVED the strawberries. They were super fresh and juicy. I can’t remember if I have ever been strawberry  picking but it was really fun and family friendly. And cheap! I love apple picking in the fall but it’s always so expensive for a bag. We got 2 large pints of strawberries for $4.50… score! 🙂

douglas orchard and cider mill shoreham vt

douglas orchard and cider mill shoreham vt

I hope you had a great 4th!

A Bike Ride and A Wedding

This weekend was a whirlwind! And, I wouldn’t change it one bit.

Friday Vinnie and I packed up the car and drove to Burlington, VT and spend the afternoon walking around and enjoying the beautiful views. I LOVE it up there. The scenery is incredible, there are so many great options for food and drink and the people are so care-free and love being outside. IMG 1632

Farmhouse Tap & Grill
We went to a restaurant called Farmhouse Tab & Grill for a drink. It was so fun, they had a cute outside beer garden in the back of the place.
Farmhouse Tap & Cider
I ordered the Urban Farm Fermentory Amalgam which is a Kombucha like Cider – it was so good! Not too sweet, which is key!

burlington, vt

On Saturday we woke up super early to go ride in the Kelly Brush Foundation Annual Bike Ride. This was the 10th Annual ride and they had an incredible turn out. Vinnie and I rode with my mom and my friend, Annie. We biked 50 miles together! It took us just under 4 hours with lots of stops to snack and drink water.

About to head out and ride 50 miles!
Kelly Brush herself riding hard up the final hill!
IMG 1665
Kelly Brush making the final climb to the finish. She rode 25 miles!
you know you are in Vermont when….
I love red barns. Next year I am going to count how many I see! The views are incredible.

10th Annual Kelly Brush Ride

After the ride, Vinnie and I hopped in the car and headed 2 hours northeast to celebrate my friend Kristin’s wedding. It was a blast. Kristin looked beautiful and she was beaming, her now husband was smiling the whole time, the venue was amazing and everyone fully enjoyed themselves. They put selfie sticks on all the tables and had props to take pictures with. We took full advantage of it! My favorite picture is the selfie of me and Vinnie with the bride and groom in the background!

A selfie with the bride and groom photo bombing!

It was a great weekend! Lots of friends, celebration and good times!

How was your weekend?

Labor Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day Weekend!! We had so much fun up in Vermont with our family and friends. We floated around on the lake, went for a few nice VT walks and ate incredible local food.

We also drank a little too much and ate way too many chips and treats. But, that’s what the Holiday weekend is all about, right!?

I tried really hard to stick to my Elimination Diet that I started earlier in the week. I would give myself a grade of a B. I did a really good job in the beginning but as the weekend dragged on and my “gluten free, diary free” food dwindled, I started to snack on un-approved food. But, the biggest win for me was that I did not sip beer at all! This was so hard, because I love beer. I always steal sips of everyone’s beer because I want to try them all and I did not do that once. Yea, me! Now I just need to figure out the food thing too.

Below are some snap shots from our very fun filled weekend. What was the highlight of your LDW!?




September 1 and I am Back

I hope that everyone has had an incredible summer. I can not believe it is already September. With a new month, comes new goals and I really want to get back into blogging and writing. To start, I wanted to share pictures from my summer. It has been a whirlwind but it is all so worth it! 

Summer nights on the roof deck.Sunset On The Roof Deck

IMG 0834 PNG

I have been doing lots of traveling for work. But, that means I get to run my favorite loop around the reservoir in Central Park! Running Around Central Park

Traveling means lots of eating out at restaurants, in airports or on trains. I try hard to eat well but it’s not always easy. The below breakfast was a gold star and super good. Maple Hill Creamery yogurt which is organic and made strictly from grass-fed cows (you can absolutely taste the difference), topped with Purely Elizabeth granola and Dang Coconut Chips which are like candy. This organic combo was a win and worth repeating, over and over again. Healthy Snacks When Traveling

We have not gotten to the beach or Vermont as much as we would like because I have been busy getting my Yoga Teaching Certificate. I had class every weekend… but it was SO worth it. And, it made us really enjoy the time we did get to spend outside enjoying the beautiful New England weather.

Summer Days At The Beach

Walking In Vermont

Delicious Vermont farm-to-table dinners!

Farm To Table Food

IMG 0838 JPG

Long Days on the lake enjoying the sunshine and playing on our SUP boards.

Drinking On The Boat

SUP On Lake RescueBeach BoardwalksViews Of The Bunker Hill Monument

IMG 1033 JPG

IMG 1095 JPG

As I mentioned, I have spend most of my summer in the CorePower Yoga studio working to receive my 200hour Yoga Teacher Certification. It has consumed most of our weekends but it was so worth it. I enjoyed every second and now I am officially a YOGA TEACHER!

Core Power Yoga Medford

Yoga Certification

IMG 1109 JPG

Vinnie has been so supportive and incredibly patient with me all summer as I have juggled all the crazy things I get myself into!

IMG 0860 JPG

Now that yoga is wrapping up. I have taken a bit of a break this summer and focused on yoga but it is time to step up my running game. If for no other reason than the number on the scale has crept up and it needs to go back down! 7 Mile Run

I have not been doing a lot of cooking or baking, but I attempted this Zucchini Bread (and made muffins too). I left out the nuts and raisins and it still turned out ok!Zucchini Muffins And Bread

The first sign of fall. It is sad but I do love wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, looking at the foliage and eating apples and pumpkin all day, every day!

First Signs Of Fall

How has your summer been!?

Mother’s Day Weekend Eats

Usually on the weekend I have a really hard time staying on track and eating lean, clean and green. More times than not, I snack a lot, eat really greasy, fatty food and drink beer and wine. I go into the weekend saying I am going to stay on track, but always end up falling off the wagon. It’s ok though, because if 5 out of 7 days of the week I am “good”, that is a win in my book. Maybe one day I will gain the will power and resist the weekend munchies!

This Mother’s Day Weekend I ate lots of great food and drank really good cocktails and wine. I actually ate way healthier than normal! I shared some of the pictures in my weekend recap, but for What I Ate Wednesday I wanted to take a deeper dive into my Saturday Eats and share with you all my deliciously fresh Vermont food.

Mothers Day Weekend - Breakfast of fresh strawberries and blueberries and a side of coffee!

For breakfast I had fresh strawberries and blueberries and a side of coffee!

Lunch salad full of fresh veggies from the CSA, grilled chicken, black bean salsa and Green Mountain Salsa

Lunch salad full of fresh veggies from the CSA, grilled chicken, black bean salsa and Green Mountain Salsa.

BBQ Dinner - fresh grilled burger from a local cow (kinda scary but also super fresh and organic - I like knowing where my meat comes from, lettuce from the CSA, baked beans and under the salad are baked sweet potato fries
Melt in your mouth burger meat!

We had a BBQ Dinner on the deck and ate fresh grilled burger from a local cow. The DiNaps buy 1/2 a cow once a year and they get enough meat to last most of the year. It is super cool and the meat is also super fresh and organic. I like knowing where my meat comes from but it also kinda of makes me said thinking about the poor cow. Knowing he’s local makes it more personal. Speaking of local, the lettuce for the salad is from the local the CSA, and then for additional sides we had baked beans and under the salad are baked sweet potato fries (those two things weren’t local!)

What I don’t have pictured are the handfuls of almonds and dark chocolate pomegranate seeds, multiple magic bars, wine and second helpings of dinner. But, all and all, it was a great day of super good, healthy foods from Vermont.

What was the best thing you had on Mother’s Day Weekend?

Mother’s Day weekend

I hope you all had a fun Mother’s Day with your momma. We had a great weekend with both our families. On Friday night Vinnie and I zipped up to Vermont to his parents house and spent Saturday sitting outside on the deck, grilling delicious food and enjoying the warm weather. It was Vinnies parents 34th wedding anniversary so we celebrated both Mothers Day and cheers to 34 more glorious years of marriage!

On Sunday we drove over to NH to spend Mother’s Day with my mom! We laughed a lot, hit a buckle of balls,  drank margaritas and watched sports on TV (my dads favorite thing to follow, always). It was a super fun weekend celebrating our Moms!
Mothers Day Weekend

Mothers Day Weekend

Mothers Day Weekend

Mothers Day Weekend

Mothers Day Weekend

Mothers Day Weekend

Mothers Day Weekend - Margs

Mothers Day Weekend

Mothers Day Weekend

Mothers Day Weekend

Mothers Day Weekend


It may look like I know what I am doing… but notice… the ball did not move!!!

Did you do anything special for your Mom on Mother’s Day?

Meet & Greet with Julia Ford

Last night we had a Meet & Greet for my sister, Julia. I have mentioned her before, but she is a profession Ski Racer and competed in the Sochi Olympics last winter. She is home for the Holidays so we had a gathering for friends, fans and kids in the local ski programs to come and meet her, get her autograph and ask her questions. It was a really fun night and we had an incredible turn out! To see more pictures, head over to Julia’s site – Juliaford.org

Olympian Julia Ford at Stemwinder in VT
Julia meeting and taking pictures with all the kiddos
Olympian Julia Ford at Stemwinder in VT
I got to Introduce Julia – It was a very special moment for me!
Olympian Julia Ford at Stemwinder in VT
The crowd listening to Julia talk
Olympian Julia Ford at Stemwinder in VT
My brother, Willie, asked her questions people submitted earlier in the night
Olympian Julia Ford at Stemwinder in VT
Me and siblings happy after such a great night!


Weekly Workout Recap

We traveled up to Vermont this weekend and enjoyed an early taste of what’s ahead this winter. There is snow on the mountain and all the ski shops are preparing there equipment for when all the skiers arrive. It was really nice to be in Vermont and spend time with family. We haven’t really spent much time up there since our wedding.

Early Season Okemo Mtn

We went for a fun hike up Okemo to explore the new chairlift and see how much snow was really up there. Vinnie and I were not dressed for the occasion. The climb up wasn’t too bad, but there was way more snow than we expected and going down was slippery so we ended up sliding down the trail on our butt’s!

hiking in the snow (1)

Sliding down the mountain

Once we got back inside we were cold and wet. I wrapped myself up in a blanket, put on my slippers, made some hot coffee, sat in front of the fire and warmed up while watching Sunday football.

Sitting by the Fire

Every time we go to Vermont, we never go hungry or thirsty! There is always amazing meals, sweet treats and lots of wine. I have the hardest time saying no so I definitely over indulge on all the deliciousness. Here are some of the meals I have been eatting lately:

Nachos, Cookies, Italian Pasta and Meat Sauce

We didn’t go out to eat, at all, everything is home made and fresh out of the oven making it incredibly hard to only have “one bite”. The picture above is the weekend eats, the picture below is weekday eats.During the week I do a good job of eating well but on the weekend it is really hard and I am constantly struggling to balance the two.

Biscotti, Smoothie, Salad, Chicken Piccata

With all this eating, I did manage to get some workouts in. I signed up for Monica’s Pile on the Miles which is an annual event where you challenge yourself to walk or run a little more in the month of November. I set a goal of running 100 miles. Ideally, I would like all the miles to be runs, but I guess walking miles count too, right!? That makes my total miles 24.5 for the week. Not too bad! I am at 24.5/100 miles for November.

Monday: Leg/Butt Toning – my hamstrings were sore all week!
Tuesday: 6 mile run
Wednesday: 6 mile run
Thursday: 4.5 mile run
Friday: Spin Class with Vinnie
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 4 mile walk, 4 mile hike up Okemo in the snow

This week, in addition to the running, I would like to fit in some more strength and toning. I always feel like the work out is more complete even if I just add 10 minutes of toning.

What are your work out goals for the week?

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