Postpartum Return to Exercise

Yesterday I went to the doctor and finally got cleared to exercise and get back to my normal life pre-pregnancy. Obviously I plan on taking it slow and seeing how my body adjusts but I am very excited to finally be able to work out again. It’s been 8 weeks since having baby Emerson and I have quite a bit of the baby weight still to lose. I honestly did not expect it to be this hard. I have tried to lose the weight through diet but with so many visitors, summer BBQs and family events it has been hard to drop the weight. Plus on a scale from 1 to 10 my willpower is about a zero!! I find that when I am working out I am more likely to eat better. Diet and exercise go hand in hand for me to have a healthy lifestyle.

Family walk in Vermont with Emerson… now I can run!
Right now my plan is to start to go on a few runs and do some toning exercises as I adjust to being able to work up a sweat. I do have a half marathon at the end of October to train for. I signed up for it in the last weeks of my pregnancy as a way to motivate myself to get back into shape. Clearly I didn’t realize how long it takes for your body to recover after labor/delivery or how busy and time consuming having a newborn is. Even though I am cleared to work out trying to figure out when I will have time to while watching Emerson all day is something I’m still trying to figure out. I’m thinking nighttime runs once dad’s home from work and daytime toning while she’s napping. Regardless of all the logistics, I am excited to start to work out, lose some of the baby weight and hopefully be ready to run a half marathon by October. There are no more excuses!

One Month Pediatrician Appointment 

Yesterday was Baby Emerson’s one month well baby Pediatrician appointment. Emerson is growing so fast and changing every day.  I was excited to go to the doctor’s appointment to make sure Emerson was healthy, ask some questions and see how much she weighed.

  • At birth she was 6lbs 13oz and 19.25 inches — she lost 5% of her body weight in the hospital
  • At her first well baby appointment she was back up to her birth weight
  • At 2 weeks she weighed 7lbs 6oz and was 20.5 inches
  • At 1 month (and 5 days) she weighs 9lbs 1oz and is 21.5 inches

Breastfeeding has been going well and Emerson loves to eat but I had no idea if she was growing too fast or too slow. Getting the reassurance from the doc that’s doing well was huge! She is right where she’s supposed to be and growing along her growth curve.

I have a few apps I use to read about what to expect with a newborn and to learn about what issues might come up and the development milestones Emerson along the way. I prefer apps over books because everyday I get a couple short articles to read and it keeps me way more engaged. I seem to always fall asleep after reading 2 pages of a book! With all the stuff I’d read I still had a list of questions for the pediatrician. No amount of googling or app articles can answer everything plus I like everything to be confirmed by a doc.

A few of the things that I wanted to talk to the doctor about were:

  • Baby acne: Emerson has these blotchy red bumps that look like white heads on the side of her face, neck, and chest. They are also on the side of her head. They seem to come and go throughout the day. It looks similar to a rash, but the doctor said it’s just baby acne and it will eventually go away.
  • Bump behind ear: There is a small bump behind her ear that I wanted to get checked out. This, too, is normal and just the baby’s lymphnoid. I guess a lot of new moms ask about this, but it is nothing to be concerned about.
  • White spot on gums: She has a few white spots on her gums in the back of her mouth. According to my pediatrician these are just spots where her teeth are starting to form. I found this weird because I assumed her teeth would first come in in the front and then her back teeth would come in. This is true, and Emerson’s teeth are NOT starting to come in, the white spots are just where the gums are preparing for teeth, when it’s time.
  • Different color poops: Exclusively breastfeed babies are supposed to have seedy yellow poop. Apparently this is normal. And it can even be normal for babies around 1 month to not poop for a day (or even a few). This is good to know, Emerson didn’t poop for 12 hours and I got nervous!

The pediatrician was super nice and patient answering my crazy new mom questions. I left feeling calm and confident that our baby girl is healthy and doing well. Being a new mom is so fun and exciting but it can also be stressful and nerve-wrecking. There are so many things that happen every day and the baby is constantly growing and changing. While things seem to be under control it is comforting to go to the pediatrician and get the stamp of approval.

Our next appointment, Emerson gets all her shots. ūüôĀ

*I have been trying to write this blog post since Wednesday… that should give you an idea of what my life is like as a new mom! I am loving it, but it is hard to do anything besides feed, change and care for Emerson.

Health, Fitness and Pregnancy

I’ve got the urge to write… I know I’ve been M.I.A for a while and I am not going to make excuses or say I’m back, but today I want to write. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do and where I want to be and every time I come back wanting to be involved in health and fitness. I’m not sure how but I know I have this platform to share my own thoughts, experiences and ideas so why not use it!

Granted my life’s been a little busy and things are changing a lot so it’s harder to be as fit and healthy as I would normally like. In 7 short weeks, I will be expecting my first baby. My experience with pregnancy has been hot and cold. I always thought I would be crazy abut my diet, eating only organic, lots of veggies and tons of lean protein, but that is not the case. It’s a real challenge to eat well and resist the urge to eat sugar, junk food and fried food. Now that I am pretty far along and have a nice big belly I am way more comfortable being pregnant. In my second trimester, while I had energy, I felt funny. I had a hard time adjusting to my growing belly, the lack of control when it came to food and the inability to work out at the intensity I wanted. To be honest, I felt lazy, and I hate that feeling. Now in my third trimester, I embrace it. I have accepted my belly and pregnancy for what it is; an amazing journey, creating life and starting a family!

I have good days and bad days. Some days I have¬†“normal” energy levels, some days I am exhausted. I don’t always eat well but I try to always incorporate some fruit and veggies. Sugar is by far my biggest downfall! The elliptical, or going for a walk, are my new go-to workouts. Although I still do try to run 3-5 miles, 2-3 times a week. Strength and HIIT are incorporated too but a lot of moves are getting really hard to do. It’s been an adjustment. But, it’s all for a really GREAT reason. Maybe that’s why I’m craving writing about health and fitness. It’s a way for me to still feel connected to the lifestyle and community I love.

In terms of this pregnancy, it’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that I have a baby growing inside me. It’s the craziest thing ever…like there is a human being inside of me! The baby is moving a ton now which is so cool. It really makes this whole experience of becoming a mom feel real. For a while it felt surreal and I struggled to really feel connected to the baby. Now, I feel like we have conversations and talk to each other through all the baby’s movements. Sometimes I feel the babies foot or hand; I can literally feel the shape of its body part. ¬†I can not wait to see the baby, it’s hands and feet,¬†in the outside world!

I guess, technically, today is my first Mother’s Day. How weird is that? I get really emotional thinking about it. It’s truly incredible and I feel so fortunate for this next chapter in our lives. Being a mom is something I have always aspired to be and it’s now becoming a reality. Honestly, it still doesn’t feel quite real…But it is and that’s what makes me so emotional. I’m a mom! How f-ing cool is that?

Weekly Workout Recap 

I hope everybody had a fabulous weekend! Mine was super restful and relaxing after a long few weeks of travel. I’ve been traveling for work and also went down to Myrtle Beach to visit my cousins and her 4 kids. It was so nice to go to the beach and have 80¬į weather every day. 

This weekend we were really lazy and relax all Saturday. On Sunday we went to my grandparents house to watch the patriots game, per usual!

  And towards the end of the game I left and drove up to watch my sister play her last fall ball lacrosse game. It was fun to hang out with my family and see my sisters.  

As for my weekly workouts, I was pretty tired after traveling so much so I felt like it wasn’t a great week but I still managed to do something almost every day.

Weekly Workout Recap 

Monday: rest – I was exhausted from my travel home 

Tuesday: 30 minute run and 1 hour C2 CPY class

Wednesday: 45 minute run

Thursday: 1 hour C2 CPY class

Friday: 45 minute run

Saturday: 1 hour C1 CPY class, Cyc Spin Class – it was a charity ride to raise money for Cupids Run 

Sunday:  5.7 mile run for Charity Miles Challenge 


My work out goals for this week are to run 3 times, do yoga 2-3 times as well and try to incorporate 1-2 toning routines. I’m in a pretty good routine of getting my workouts in. My biggest challenge is my diet so I’ve packed healthy meals and snacks for today and I’m really ready to refocus and recommit on eating lean clean and green. 

What are your goals for the week? 

Columbus Day Weekend 2015 & Weekly Workout Recap

I hope everyone is enjoying Columbus Day Weekend. We had a fun fall filled weekend. We visited one of my good friends and went apple picking and on Sunday we went to the Topsfield Fair with my family. I have lots of pictures to share the weekend.

Apple Picking At Applecrest Farm

apple picking

Tractors at apple picking

Apple crest orchard

applecrest orchard apple facts
These are some wicked fun facts about choosing the apple variety for specific things like salads, snacks, desserts… etc.

Sunday trip to the¬†Topsfield fair to celebrate my dad’s birthday!

Topsfield Fair
We were not the only one’s going to the fair.

IMG 2064

IMG 2066
Lily won a duck stuffed animal and a gold fish!
Topsfield Fair
I thought these cow facts were interesting so I thought others might find them cool too!

Topsfield Fair 2015

Today I have to leave for a work trip, but not before running in the Tufts 10K. I will write up a recap for Wednesday!

Here is my weekly workout recap for 10.5.15

Weekly Workout Recap:

Monday: Ran 40 minutes and Yoga Sculpt Class at CPY

Tuesday: 35 minute total body toning and 30 minute treadmill run

Wednesday: 3.5 mile run

Thursday: 5 mile run

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest — walking while apple picking

Sunday: 75 minute yoga class at CPY

This week, I did well with my workouts. I reached my goals of doing yoga at least twice and running at least 3 times. The more I do these recaps, the more I realize I need to work on¬†my diet in order to see changes. I consistently fit in my workout… Yes, I could run longer or do more high intensity work outs but either way, I exercise at least 5 times a week. My diet is what I need to change. I need to work on this, stop snacking so much and create a plan I can follow.

Goals for this week: I am traveling most of this week, so I won’t be able to do yoga but I am still going to try to fit in some runs. I want to try to run 30 miles this week. That is a lot compared to what I have been doing but when you do the math out it’s 4.2 miles a day. I can do that!

My real goal this week is going to be to focus on my diet. It’s going to be hard because I am traveling and won’t have as much control, but I want to challenge my willpower and only eat what I really want and until I am satisfied. I, too often, eat just to eat. ¬†Here goes nothing!

What are your goals for the week? Did you get all the workouts in you wanted to last week?

Confessions on an Elimination Diet

I am slowly starting to add back in diary to my diet to see how I feel. It’s been touch and go – to say the least. I am trying to do it slowly with smoothies and adding cream or milk to my coffee. I am still avoiding eating lots of cheese or making super diary-filled meals.

Every morning this week, I have been having a protein smoothie made with Milkwise milk, chocolate protein powder, a scoop of peanut butter, chia seeds and cinnamon. Milkwise was nice enough to send me a variety of their milk options so I have been switching it up a bit to see what I like best. I am a big Unsweetened Almond Milk fan, so I gravitated towards the Reduced Sugar Vanilla flavor. It was good, has the same amount of calories and calcium as the Almond Milk I drink so it really is a toss up between the two. If you are looking for more of a diary option, Milkwise is a great alternative to all the Almond Milks out there. 

Milkwise Milk

As I start to incorporate more diary into my diet, I have been thinking about what I have learned along the way while doing this Elimination Diet. Check it out!

Confessions and Things I’ve learned:

  • I have to admit I haven’t been 100% perfect. I have slipped up for sure.¬†I still get frequent headaches and bloating – but not nearly as much so I am making progress
  • Preparing and doing meal prep is a life saver. The days I didn’t pack enough food are the days that I cheat and end up eating something I shouldn’t.
  • Peanut butter is my best friend.
  • Package foods sneak in a lot of crazy ingredients you would never expect to be included. I have been checking the ingredient lists on everything to make sure there are no sneaky add-in’s I wouldn’t expect. And there absolutely are! FYI…flavored potato chips have a CRAZY amount of artificial flavoring and coloring. I had no idea! Plain old, regular chips are fine – they have like 3 ingredients. But, flavored chips are a different story.
  • Not drinking beer is really hard. I don’t like cider much and more than a couple glasses of wine leaves me with a big old headache the next day.
  • Asking what is in food is crucial. It awkward at first, but it’s so important to your health, diet and digestion, it is worth doing. And, after you do it once or twice, you get over it and it is a-ok.

A Surprise 60th and Weekly Workouts [9.30.15]

It’s Monday already?? This weekend we traveled down to NYC to surprise Vinnie’s aunt for her 60th birthday party. It was a total success, she was completely surprised. We all hide outside and when she walked up to the house we jumped out and said surprise. It was perfect! And then, the Italian fiesta ensued… There was endless amounts of food and drink, overwhelming love and a late night poker game.

Birthday Cake

Italian Cousins

Kathy Making A Birthday Wish

I didn’t take a ton of pictures because I was trying to be in the moment. I have not spent a ton of time in NY with Vinnie’s aunts and cousins. They typically come up to Vermont. It was so fun to see them in their element, so comfortable, loving, happy and together. I feel very honored and privileged to be welcomed with such open arms into their family.

Because of work and traveling this weekend, I didn’t work out as much as I wanted to this week, below is the weekly recap.

Weekly Workout Recap 

Monday: Tone It Up Insane Cardio routine

Tuesday: AM: 4.5 mile run, PM: 1 hour C2 yoga class and some ab and shoulder toning via Tone It Up

Wednesday: 30 minute treadmil run, booty toning

Thursday: 1 hour vinyasa yoga

Friday: 4 mile run, booty toning

Saturday: rest

Sunday: rest

Last week, I wanted to run 3-4 times and practice yoga 2-3 times and I accomplished that! It’s funny because I still feel like I didn’t work out enough. But, it’s nice to look back and realize I accomplished what I set out to. It’s a good reminder to celebrate the small victories and not always look at the negative.

My goals for this week are the same as last week,  run 3-4 times and practice yoga 2-3 times. This week, I also want to include toning exercises 2-3 times.

What are your goals for the week? Did you get all the workouts in you wanted to last week?

A Day of Eats on the Elimination Diet 

Happy October!
Welcome to the final quarter and last 3¬†months of 2015. It is a great time to reflect on your goals for the year and see what your scoreboard looks like. If you are behind and the score board for 2015 is not in your favor and you aren’t where you hoped you would be in 2015 then it’s time to refocus, reset and focus for the next 90 days.

Focus on the outcomes you want and commit to those and be disciplined in your actions. Make the last 3 months of 2015 really count and be a period in your life that you look back on as a defining time in your life!

For me, I really want to focus on my diet and figure out the foods that cause me discomfort. I am in the process of doing an elimination diet¬†to help with this. I have been avoiding gluten, diary, soy and egg. It hasn’t been easy, and I haven’t been perfect ¬†but I have been trying really hard.

Below is a day of eats so you can see how I have been navigating it all!
IMG 1581Breakfast has been tough. Not eating milk, gluten or eggs really limits my options. I tried to have smoothies but they always leave me wanting more and hungry an hour later. So I eat a lot of oatmeal. It’s super easy to make and eat at work and it keeps me full.

IMG 1937

I love apples. They are def my favorite fruit. I prefer to slice them, I like to think it makes them last longer! Sprinkling cinnamon on top makes them nice and sweet. It’s a prefect little healthy treat.

IMG 1587 0

I got this mulitgrain gluten-free bread at a farmers market in Vermont. It was super hearty and made with all kinds of seeds. I reach for this as a snack or for breakfast. It was perfect for when I am craving carbs.

IMG 1970

My sister is in town and made us dinner last night. It was an awesome Pumpkin Curry. It was super flavorful and filling. It was full veggies (green beans, butternut squash, tomatoes, and broccoli) and chicken and I topped it with brown rice and quinoa mixture.

While I have been eliminating foods from my diet to help figure out what causes me stomach pain, bloating, headaches and more, I have learned a lot about certain foods, and how to manage a restrictive diet (even if it’s for a short period of time). I am feeling so much better and it has been so worth it! I am starting to add back in some of these foods to see how ¬†my body reacts.



Weekly Workouts [9.21.15]

Good Monday Day to you all! 

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Mine went by so fast. On Saturday night I could of sworn it was only Friday. I was so bummed when I realized I only had one more morning to sleep in.  

This weekend, I spent a lot of time with my family, watching my sister play lacrosse. It was fun and a rare occasion to have all the siblings together (plus cousins and aunts and Lofo).

One big thing from the weekend is that I officially finished all the teacher training for my yoga certification. I completed the extension program that CorePower offers and now all I have left to do is get a job! CorePower has auditions the second Wednesday of every month and I’m worried I’m not gonna be here in October or November so I’m going to have to wait until December which totally sucks. I might try to get a job somewhere else in the mean time. I don’t want to lose everything I’ve learned or lose my enthusiasm and excitement to teach. 


In other news, I want to start keeping track of my work outs for the week so I not only hold myself accountable but also so I can refer back to them when I need a little extra motivation or want to see what I was doing on a specific week. Feel free to join me! Here goes the first week…
Weekly Workout Recap 

Monday: 4 mile run, 15 min. arm and ab workout, 1 hour C2 yoga class.

Tuesday: 20 minutes of total body toning 

Wednesday: 6.5 mile run, 3 hrs of Teacher Training Extensions

Thursday: rest day – traveling for work 

Friday: 40 minute run, C2 1 hour Vinyasa Flow, Tone It Up 24 min toning 

Saturday: 5.5 mile run, 3 hrs of Teacher Training Extensions 

Sunday: taught yoga at Corepower; rest day 

My goals for this week are to run 3-4 times and practice yoga 2-3 times. And (as always) I am going to focus on eating lean, clean, and green…avoiding (come on, willpower) processed foods and all the junk/snacks/baked goods around the office. 

What are your workout goals this week? 

Elimination Diet Update

As I have talked about many times on the blog, I have off and on stomach problems. I went to the doctor and she told me it was IBS¬†and honestly,¬†I feel like that is¬†just a diagnosis doctor’s give when they don’t know what else is wrong with a patient who has stomach pain and discomfort. Ultimately, for me, what it came down to was my doctor¬†couldn’t help me so I pretty much was like OK I guess I’m just going to have some stomach pain forever… My pain comes and goes, and it is unclear to me what causes it which is what is so frustrating. I have tried several times to keep a food diary or eliminate food but I always end up failing within a week or so… stupid will power!

So I decided (after the last bought of pain, bloating and discomfort) that I wanted to really try and figure out what foods make my stomach hurt. I found a simplified elimination diet that helps you determine if certain food groups cause you any sort of reaction.

IMG 1602 0

For¬†the past 2-3 weeks I’ve been trying to eat gluten, dairy, soy and egg free. I would give myself about an 80%. The first week I did it perfect and I felt amazing. However,¬†now I keep finding myself cheating, just a little bit here, a little bit there and¬†it’s starting to take a toll. My stomach has been killing me for the past two days. Go figure! The hardest thing is breakfast and snacks. And avoiding all the crazy foods that are around my office. It’s so important to pack snacks and only eat what I bring because I have no idea what is in all the other food around the office.

I’ve been eating lots of gluten-free oatmeal for breakfast, salads for lunch, lots of fruits and veggies for snacks and then protein and veggies for dinner. But this week there’s been a ton of sugar treats, bagels, deli food and pizza around the office and I have had a hard time resisting and I am paying for it with all my stomach pain.

IMG 1897 0

So I am using this sort of as a confession sorta as a restart to the elimination diet. What I want to do since¬†I’ve been relatively good¬†(and I have probably flushed a lot of the gluten, diary, soy and egg out of my system)¬†is go a full week without any and then slowly start to add each one back in and see how I feel. Starting now! Any tips and tricks to sticking with it and avoiding all the temptations?